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Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031


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Hi Geej, sorry to bother, you could upgrade to the new version? thanks

Updated to v5.3.0.0423

Due to lack of time, I only spend 3 hrs to work on this update and test under normal vm session.

Please uninstall any existing one before installing this on a normal pc.

Please feedback if encounter problem and test in vm first.

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This is a maintenance update.

Fix a problem where Sumatra PDF (have not tried with other pdf reader) is already installed and associated with .pdf, and then Foxit Reader is also installed later but the .pdf handler is still associate with Sumatra PDF.

This inf update will associate with .pdf with Foxit Reader. This will only fix the above problem if you do a normal install of foxit reader.

I also intend to remove English pdf manual in next update version.

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I was eagerly awaiting for your release, Geej =D Cheers!


Thanks Geej for your work

Thanks for hosting es version :)

thank you for the update. i wish you had left it multilingual

Thanks too. What lang do you need? I am thinking to include your lang file in the cab file

so that you can made minor adjustment to the inf in the next version update.

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Thanks for your answer,It is working but I have one problem : If i uninstall Foxite from control panel,Adobe Reader 9.5.2 doesn't work,when I start it from the shortcut,I got this erro,I have to uninstall and reinstall it,tested 2 times :



@ionut_y, see post 43 for command to run as silent installer exe

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Try installing only one at a time a pdf reader app. They usually conflict each other over registry keys.

E.g If you want to install foxit reader, then uninstall abobe reader first. This will free up the needed registry keys so that next reader app will install properly w/o conflicting on an existing reader app.

This error screen looks like Adobe reader is attempting to 'self-heal' because a critical key(s) in registry is/are missing. Hence it tries to locate the msi to repair. But cannot find the needed msi as it is in temp dir. I have no idea how to resolve this except replace the special msi shortcut with some standard lnk type manually.

I remembered there is something call MSi cleanup utility but looks like it is no longer available for download. Following the link, I end up here, a possible solution but not really sure if it will actually solve your problem.

Cheers and regards

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