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Foxit Reader v6.1.1.1031


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I haven't been using this app by Geej, but I'm afraid I agree with ionut_y, even though I would probably also use a portable version of the Adobe Reader as HJSC suggests. If the issue does not occur with the official installer of FOXIT, but it does with the one made by Geej, then that kind of implies that Geej should be able to make his so the problem does not occur as well. Whether it would be worth it to do so is another question.

Cheers and Regards

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I have identified the registry that breaks Adobe Reader 10, and made some modification to inf but I am not free to test the revised inf for the next few days. Does anyone willing to test ?

(basically I have tested with Adobe reader 10 made by user hidden, install with -ai switch)

Changes in inf is the addition of IsAdobeRdr.Check section


Pls rename FoxitRdr.txt to FoxitRdr.inf

Thanks in advance

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This is a mainteance update to #1

Now includes fix for Adobe Reader during uninstall of Foxit Reader. User who already download earlier adodn may choose not to download this maintenance update if you are not affected/brother by Adobe Reader issue.

Generally I am not willing to fix or might know how to fix another Reader apps. I fix the adobe reader because it is the main pdf reader apps. It is just a quick-fix approach.

As bphlpt point out, I don't have so much time to learn every pdf reader's installer that may conflict with Foxit reader nor worth the time fixing this kind of problem. Hope user understands this.

To avoid registry conflict:

hence to stay problem-free with this addon, ensure no existing reader is currently installed. If already have an existing one, please uninstall it first. Reboot if necessary. Then install this addon.

If you wish to use another pdf reader app, pls uninstall this one first.

(I will add this part to #1)

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luis, HJSC, As always, appreciated VM.

Just to let everyone know that previously Foxit Reader can't open pdf web address in web browser. I have now fixed it (Tested to work with IE8 & FF/Pale Moon)

Some sharepoint registry entries are also added.

For info only: "Version fixed a security issue where the insecure application loading libraries could be exploited to attack the application."

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Well, It has been a while since I do not use FF and IE, since the day I installed the chrome to test it, and how it has its own PDF reader integrated and enabled by default... you can imagine, huh? lol

but It's good to know. thanks for info/fix, Geej =]

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Just a small word of caution. The registry entries might not be 100% suitable for win7x64.

Geej, I've only just begun learning to code addons, real basic stuff for the moment. What sections of the inf do i need to edit to make this addon work with win7x64? Any insight would be much appreciated.

Edit: Typo.

Edited by dotfusion
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Work with win7x84? (OS with x86 & x64 or was it a typo error? ). I hope you mean x64.

Not really sure as I never build x64 inf to test. I took a quick look at Onepiece Haozip addon

Below are for x64. You need these sections:


-This section is called When you right-click inf, select "install" from context menu.

Try to get this part right during testing. This part is for normal install.

Majority of the directives use here is same as [Haozip.ntamd64] below which is use by OC Components.




-Very similar to DefaultInstall.ntamd64 but use in actual setup. also remove @Haozip.inf from copyfiles.

Do download a few more x64 addon to compare.

Also doing some simple, light program addon first to familiarize with inf structure.

A native program that run on x64 can use dirid 16422 but a 32-bit compatible program running on x64 is likely to install on

16426. If unsure which number to use, always run the program installer to verify.

Sorry, can't advise much... Maybe you can ask Onepiece further.

Italian forum has 2 pinned topics which is informative fir making inf. They might help you further...


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updated to

Does anyone still need this? I would like to call it a day if nobody need it.

I still need it. =D

Especially now that the Foxit decided to leave aside the MSI installers... and I just prefer not to use the exe installer which contains adware =/

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I try to update as long as I can as my host PC is still XP. If one day my host PC change to Win 7, I will stop updating it.

Updated to

Includes ReplaceDriveletter.vbs which will determine at install time if actual drive is indeed pointing to C: as the content of existing UpdaterInfo.xml & skin.css are pointing to C:

If not C:, then ReplaceDriveletter.vbs will replace the 2 files with actual drive letter.

If C:, then script will not edit the 2 files and simply exit.

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