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Windows 7 Toolkit v1.3.0 Release Candidate 2


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with version, a confirmation window appears when each theme (.themepack) had been integrated. This is not a good think because of the number of themes....I have to click on done button each time....

Could you please correct this that appears since version.


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No point in having it in the list, before the actual All-In-One tool open and WIM Manager has loaded to ask you which image you want to work with, it gives you the option to add Unattended there, it does exactly the same thing but better.

The option on the 'Options' list was only need when W7T used the old method of integrating the unattended into all of the images. Sorry, but it won't be returning as the new method is a lot better and has USB3.0 and external HDD support...

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  • New shutdown prompt screen

The 'All-In-One' and 'Update Installer' tools give you the option to shutdown/restart after completing it's task. I hope you like it :D

  • New 7zip method

Some users reporting errors such as can't find tasks.txt or problems installing updates, etc.. this should now fix the problem once and for all. However it has made W7T 2MB bigger because i have to include the x64 7z.dll :(

  • FIX: Changed logon background and setup background showed folder dialog.

When you selected these tweaks it showed the folder browser dialog and then the normal file dialog, it will now just show the correct thing it needs.

  • FIX: Fixed registry conversion causing BSOD

This problem was causing BSODs because a certain (CurrentControlSet) was not being converted properly, there is a thread with more details about this.

  • FIX: Unattended Creator now accepts MAK keys

MAK keys now work just make sure you select the correct version at install otherwise an error will occur.

  • FIX: W7T will now add 'W7T' to end of temp folder location

Sometimes W7T would hang if you set the W7T temp folder the same as system temp folder, W7T will now always create a sub-folder called 'W7T' so it will no longer hang...

  • FIX: ISO Maker did not save ISO folder

Self-explanatory really...

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Yeah it is big, but it can't be in the way considering you can't use the lists whilst it's searching anyway but i'll remove it :(:P

EDIT: May i remind you not to post in capitals :P

EDIT2: Pic Removed.

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That update can't be integrated into an offline image, W7T should add it to the silent installers list to be installed after Windows installation.

That was the case until last build, it added automaticaly to the silent installers but new build "forget" to do it.

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Fixed the issue with it no adding to the silent installers list :)

i hope u will release v98 tomorrow evening?:)

also - did you speed up the programm? i reduced amount of drivers by only 15% and W7T need 14 hours to make its work.

it was 20-22 hours in v90-95 versions

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EDIT: Can everyone who has already downloaded v98 please download it for a fix, thanks :)

  •^New error log prompt on closing

Picture provided above, this new screen will show you what's in the log and whether you want to upload it or not. Please upload the logs though :P

  •^AIO Drivers tab has split 'Version' and 'Date' of drivers

As requested, the driver 'Version' and 'Date' are now in a separate column.

  •^FIX: W7T attempted to add some updates as language packs

W7T treated some updates as language packs. Hopefully this has been fully fixed :)

  •^FIX: SoLoR Updates did not show x86 'Additions'

Self-explanatory really, if you selected 'Additions' it only showed x64 updates. Also SoLoR updates will no longer automatically search for Windows 7 x64 updates and will let you choose first.

  •^FIX: Updates which require silent installation did not detect properly

Some updates which required to be integrated silently did not get detected if they are a MSU file, this has not been fixed.

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v98 feels lot faster on my new i7 on integrating updates than v96, difference is approx 3-4 times...

Great job... :dancing:

BTW: Small question, are W7Toolkit or DISM, single or multithreaded, I always seem to utilize only one core (since Q6600) on those processes... :g:

Never had an DualCore CPU, so I cannot comment behavior on those...

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Ofcourse it's faster you have an i7 now, or did u have the i7 on v96? lol.

Same rig only difference is W7Toolkit version, theres no point to compare different CPU archidectures ;)

Basically used a stopwatch, its almost exactly 2 times faster on integrating updates part, have you changed something lately? :P

FYI... DISM is single threaded... ;)

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