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Forum Upgraded to the latest version!


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Dear members,

our forum software was upgraded to the latest version.

Here are the release notes:

What's new in IP.Board 3.3

In addition to this list there are countless other minor improvements and changes based on client feedback too numerous to mention. IP.Board 3.3 was all about polish so we hope you enjoy it.

Archive System: New feature to archive off topics to remove post table overhead

Warning System: New more flexible feature replaces old warning system

SEO Update: 'Dead end' links, unfriendly error pages, metadata tags, bounce rates

SEO Update: Banned users

SEO Update: Duplicate title tags, profile tabs, skin and language selectors, direct links to posts

SEO Update: Microformat and Schema Updates

SEO Update: Changes to tags, guests and unread links, title tags, soft 404s and schema additions for ratings

Performance Updates: Improving topic markers, today's top posters, post table access

Auto-share on posting: Tweet and share to Facebook when creating a topic

Reputation Updates: Like/reputation updates on a user's profile

Miscellaneous Updates: Log-in autosave, emoticons in signatures, log in as a member, duplicate forum, system schedular as a CRON and more.

Applications and Hook Updates: Application ordering, hook list update, hook settings

Moderation Tools Updates: Hide/Delete/Soft Delete consolidation and interface updates

WinCert.net Admin Team

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And again we have upgraded to the latest v3.3.2 version.

We had some issues with the Calendar hook, but now it should be solved. If you experience any errors, please post below.


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I don't really know how to solve this logo you're seeing. I see it alright no matter which browser I use.

Where do you see guest back?

Topic title is 'Guest' but it says right that you are the starter of the topic.

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My 1st screenshot, site and forum issues (my last post)

Edit: duh ignore what I said I was confused, that is my Topic Tittle not Guest username LOL :P

Edit2: here is the direct link to the image I am seeing



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I understand rick and I know that is the problem, but I just can't reproduce it. Check how I see it:


Also, please check attachment from Lego, few posts above, he also doesn't see the purple logo as he sees it as I do.

I really don't know how to fix this.

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I think the reason it looks purple is because its a png (maybe because of transparency) mixing with the blue of the forum skin and making it seem purple

I say this because the same image I link to in my post does not appear purple only the one on top

Maybe if you change to format to bmp or something else it will fix it

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