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Forum upgraded to the latest version


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And we have made an upgrade again.

This release includes fixes for reported bugs. Some of the bugs were reported in this topic:



I would like to thank bphlpt for all of his kind help and patience regarding forum issues.


As always, please report any bugs you may notice.




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Regarding the seven issues mentioned here:

With the newest upgrade today, here is the status of the seven noted "bugs" above:
1 -- Fixed
2 -- Fixed
3 -- "Fixed" - It will turn "[ url ] link [ /url ]" automatically into "[ url=link ] link [ /url ]"
  -- [ code ] tags are turned into [ code=auto:0 ], I have no idea why or what that means or if there are other options, but they seem to work the same as [ code ] so...
  -- If you do much copying of text into your post in WYSIWYG mode, you will very likely end up with a lot of "extra" HTML tags such as [ size ] and [ color ] that won't show up unles you switch to BBCode Mode. You can choose to ignore them or clean them up manually. You can also prevent them from occurring by doing your paste while in BBCode mode so that only the raw text is copied, not the formatting.
4&5 -- Spacing issues seem to be a bit better and CTRL-Z seems to get formatting back sometimes when it didn't before, so there have been improvements  If you are trying to add a blank line before or after a [ code ] or [ quote ] block, sometimes making sure the "blank" line has at least one "space" on it will help.  Adding this "blank" line in WYSIWYG mode also sometimes helps.
6&7 -- No change. They say that it's out of their control, but since we know that different versions of the same board software (such as the one that MSFN uses) do not suffer from the same problems, we can assume they just chose to not address these issues for whatever reason.

No new bugs have been noted, so far... :)
By the way, I have, on occasion, had "Internal Server Error" problems when making a post and my entire post was then lost.  The reason for this has never been found.  So regardless if you are making and/or editing a post, I would strongly suggest doing a CTRL-A  CTRL-C in BBCode mode before you press "Post" or "Save Changes", especially if you are dealing with a post that is long and/or complicated.  This way you will be able to copy the post back into the edit box and try again if anything goes wrong.  You could also choose to use an external editor to compose your post if you prefer.  A couple of options are mentioned in the thread that NIM referenced above (Notepad works fine if you're comfortable composing your post in BBCode mode).

Cheers and Regards

Edited by bphlpt
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Thanks for the info bphlpt,

can you please send me a message the next time you receive that internal server error message so I can send them the latest log.

I know that you have previously reported it, but I'm not sure it this has been resolved with the latest forum version.

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