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(Updated!) Forum Upgraded to the latest version!


Would you like to see the old theme on this forum  

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  1. 1. Would you like to see the old theme on this forum

    • Yes, I Like the old theme
    • No, this theme is much better

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Dear Wincert members and visitors,

we have upgraded our forum to the latest version of IPB software.

We're still working on tweaks and trying to fix couple of issues, so please be patient.



Updated with Poll.

Please post if you would like to see the old theme on this new version of the forum. Basically, would you like to see the forum look like the frontpage:


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well i discovered something i didnt like.

when you are trying to embed a link, and click on the link icon in the topic tools, a box pops up. in the old website you had 2 spaces. one for the actual link and one for a text description.

afterward it automatically converted the link to clickable text.

now, there is just one box for the link..and i'm not sure how to convert the link to clickable text

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We can N1K....

One good thing about the way it was, when you changed the version number in the subtitle, it didnt change

the link to the actual thread....



But now when you add the version number at the end.....


I dont know if that will affect things like the download lists....

Before, I would just change the version in the download list...

But, might have to change the entire link in the list now....

(It seems to redirect, so may not be a problem)

I personally just thought it looked "cleaner" the other way..

Either way..... Still like the new look...

Edited by *Reaper*
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What he is saying N1K that it was better when he did not have to put the version number in the top box because it changed/broke the old URL...for example if he had a link to the topic in another (part of this) forum it would no longer work after he updated

He used the description to add the new version info to avoid this problem

I think thats what he meant

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Yeah.. Thats what I meant :)

I started putting the version now in the "tagged" box...

Shows up next to the thread, and doesnt affect the thread link either...

Look at the Windows 7 Toolkit AddOn forum and I have about 5 like that and tell me what you guys and gals think...


Edited by *Reaper*
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