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As you may have noticed i have not worked on Win Toolkit in a while, this is because i had 3 essays to do and now i'm revising for a difficult maths exam in May which means i will not be able to work on WT until that's over, however after that there is 3-4 months with no University work what-so-ever.

However, i am retriever lots of error logs which i can work through once i start again and i will reply to peoples topics also then.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

P.S. In case you're wondering the exam is the 23rd May and will be revising completely until then. University is my #1 priority!

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So glad that exam is all over and done with, anyways i'm currently going through all of the error logs removing duplicates and will start fixing bugs.

In other words..... I'm back :D

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