Chrome v69 strips down www from URL’s

Google issued a new launch this week and it was Chrome v69, which presented itself not only in a refreshed look but also with many new features. One of those has triggered many reactions, not all of them good.

chrome v69

Many users are extremely careful when using the Internet browser and always keep security in mind. Nonetheless, they have made a security mistake at some point in their life. Therefore, Google wanted to promote and bring to users something new and something that would bring a lot more security in the long run, which is a good idea, except that this is not the first time they tried this and many reactions claim that there is more hidden behind this than just better security for users.

Google Chrome v69 has been well received with the users. This browser is number one choice for many so the new feature came with many good but also bad reactions. This browser will no longer show the www on websites in the address bar.  Now every web site will now be displayed without the www.  Reasons for this, they say, is that they are just a trivial sub-domain and the address bar would look better without it.

Those who are not convinced that this is the best option for Chrome v69 say that the problem lies in the fact that without it some web sites will now look the same which will cause confusion, but not only that. There are domains which contain www in their name and this will cause the www to be hidden twice. Rumor has it that Google is trying to secure their dominance over the web by making this URL disappear.

Lastly, it is important to note that you can still show the full URL by double clicking the address in the address bar and also by copy pasting it elsewhere.

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