Logitech freshens the trackball mouse with MX Ergo

Seven years have passed since the release of the first trackball mouse from Logitech. Now, the trackball is back since Logitech M570 has finally got a worthy successor, the MX Ergo mouse.

Let’s remember, the trackball mouse allows you to move the cursor with the use of a plastic ball on the left side while the mouse sits still. While conventional mouse retained its popularity over a trackball mouse, there are still many fans of the Logitech M570 trackball mouse.

mx ergo

Source: Logitech.com

The MX Ergo is the trackball alternative to Logitech’s flagship mouse MX Master S2 and offers many similar features. MX Ergo shares the similar design, support for Logitech’s multi-computer Flow and has customizable back and forward buttons. Easy Flow allows you to quickly switch between two computers without re-pairing using an easy switch on the top of the mouse.

With the magnetic base that allows you to tilt the mouse from standard to a 20-degree angle, the mouse feels pretty comfortable to use. The trackball itself is very smooth and accurate while it doesn’t feel cheap.

The MX Ergo mouse can be connected with Bluetooth technology or Logitech’s Unifying receiver. According to Logitech, the mouse battery should get you four months of use on a single charge. Even one minute of charging is enough to use this mouse for several days.

Just like other devices from Logitech, MX Ergo also uses Micro USB cable for charging. It appears that Logitech still hasn’t decided to move to USB-C standard.

Along with the Ergo mouse, Ergo Plus variant is also available. The Plus version differs only by the larger angle tilt base. Both of these mouses retail for $99.99.

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