Mirabook, the amazing future of mobile technology

The option to run your mobile app on a monitor using an adapter has been around for quite some time now, although companies have not taken the full advantage of all it has to offer. Nonetheless, it is a Windows 10 mobile feature that presents the possibility of many innovations and new hardware masterpieces. But this situation is about to change because Miraxess made it a priority during the process of creating their new laptop, Mirabook.


Source: miraxess.com

Mirabook will be built on the Continuum concept as its foundation and it will work with Windows 10 Mobile phone to power itself. A user will be able to enjoy a back-lit keyboard, a very long and durable battery life (up to 10 hours) a 1080p 13.3 inch screen, numerous ports (2 USB Type C, 2 USB 3.0, 1 HDMI, 1 Audio Jack, and 1 SD card extender), and an shell specially designed from aluminum.

What makes Mirabook really special and the experience of working on it unique is that fact that it will have all the accessories combined together which makes it so much more enjoyable and convenient.

When it comes to the price, that is another thing that goes to its favor because it is more affordable than Windows 10 laptops so it opens the door for many users which need a laptop for simple tasks and has a limited budget.

Many users are talking about what Mirabook presents, not only now, but for the future of technology as well and many agree that 2019 is the year everything changes in mobile. Mirabook is just the groundwork being laid for a bright future of mobile technology.

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