Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID from Microsoft

Without any official announcement, Microsoft has introduced a new keyboard in their hardware lineup. The new Microsoft Modern Keyboard features a Fingerprint ID key for Windows Hello sign-ins. From the pictures available on Microsoft’s store, this keyboard looks almost identical to the Microsoft Surface Keyboard. The only difference seems to be the fingerprint sensor.

modern keyboard

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In addition to the new Microsoft Modern Keyboard, Microsoft has also introduced a new Microsoft Modern Mouse that also looks pretty much the same as the Surface Mouse. A new Microsoft Arc Mouse has also been presented on Microsoft’s Youtube channel. The new mouse now looks curvier featuring a sleeker design.

From the short presentation video of the keyboard, the fingerprint ID works intuitively with the keyboards wired and wireless design.

While there is still no offering for the new Modern Mouse or the Microsoft Arc Mouse, the new keyboard will cost $129.99 once it becomes available. For now, there is no information about the general availability of the new keyboard.

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