Five new Edge extensions available in Windows store

Edge has been struggling to attract more consumers, but the lack of quality extensions for it is a huge drawback. This week five more extensions have showned up in the Windows store. The 2-year old browser now has 40 extensions in total.

The first in the list is the list is Enhancer for YouTube™ for Microsoft Edge™. It will provide many options that will further enhance your Youtube experience. One of the feautres that can be used is the dark theme for Youtube that we personally find very useful and have already wrote about on Transparency, Cinema mode, preffered video quality and custom scripts are just some of the options of this great extension.

FlyView for SharePoint and Office 365 Sites is another useful extension that allows you to explore SharePoint sites with super fast navigation. FlyView dynamic menu is automatically displayed when logged in to a SharePoing Site. Exploring and searching of the Sharepoint sites, libraries, lists and documents is much faster with this great extension.

Moderator Toolbox for Reddit is an extension that adds many new features and functionalities for reddit moderators. It should replace Reddit’s moderator tools that are very spartan and sometimes cumbersome to use.

Live editor for CSS and LESS – Magic CSS is one of the extensions  that you can use to live preview CSS/Less code with in-page editor, to autocomplete, convert LESS to CSS, minify, beautify etc. The code you write will be saved in your browser’s local storage at a site level.

The last but not least on the list is Give as you Live Donation Reminder extension. Give as you Live allows you to raise free funds for charity just by shoping online. You can support 200,000+ charities in UK by Shopping with 4000 leading stores like Amazon, eBay,, John Lewis etc

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