Retro Video games we miss that were available for Windows

The gaming world has changed a lot since it was introduced for the very first time. It’s hard to imagine that the first computer game was created for a huge machine and wasn’t even a big deal – just a bunch of matches, kind of a draw with a computer. Now when the games are full HD, sometimes as realistic as movies, the old pieces of gaming history may seem a little dull. They’ve had so much impact on how the ROMs are being developed now, that we shouldn’t forget about the genuine gems.

Whether you used to have a console at home when it was a thing or no, you just can’t be unaware of such iconic ROM games as Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat. But there was so much more! Let’s talk a little about the cool ROMs we used to love and gba ROMs that have changed the industry.

By the way! You can not only check the list of good old plays but also play them on your computer – no console needed! Just go with a ROM emulator, install the right one and choose a free ROMs you want to run – has a great selection of those. You’ll surely find what you’ve been missing and couldn’t remember.

Let’s dive into the games!

Duck hunt

A shooter that has gained popularity due to the fact that often it was part of various collections. It had repetitive gameplay, that can be compared with Angry Birds. The highlight in the monotonous shooting of ducks was added by the fact that you shot using a light pistol. Also, the annoying dog “mocked” the game, taunted your failures and made you want to shoot him (joke!). Of all the pistol games, Duck Hunt was the most popular.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

You can say that the game is the best fighting one for Sega Genesis. It’s classics. 23 original characters, each with one’s own set of tricks, combinations, and fatality. Colorful graphics, high-quality sound, and energetic action make Mortal Kombat a real work of video art. Several levels of difficulty, both in the game sense and in terms of the quality of rivals. You can play together and organize tournaments for up to 4 people. We definitely recommend getting a free ROM of the consoles on RomsPlanet to bring back some memories and call a friend or two for the tournament.

Kirby’s Adventure

Retro Video games

This fascinating platformer can be considered the last great game for NES, production of which was discontinued a couple of years after the release of Kirby’s Adventure. Kirby’s roots go back to GameBoy, where the protagonist also runs, jumps devour enemies and their abilities in all seven Dreamland’s worlds. The game is simply amazing for those times (and the capabilities of the console) graphics with smooth animation and effects. It was the first, but far from the last, full-color picture about Kirby.


Megaman is a super popular game from Capcom. A good robot with superpowers cleans the world of other robots with evil intentions. Megaman is simply a masterpiece – amazing graphics, non-linear gameplay and new abilities gained after defeating bosses. They will help you deal with ordinary enemies, and with other bosses, that are quite interesting in the game.

Sonic the hedgehog

The game you can’t forget even just because of the fact the film based on it is coming out in a few months! If you’re a long-time fan, you definitely cannot miss it.

The first piece in the series, Sonic the Hedgehog, was released in 1991 exclusively for the Sega Genesis console. The success of the game led to the many sequels and the creation of one of the largest series in the video game industry. It’s another classic from the list.

The games used to be much simpler, but they seemed probably more exciting. The hard work spent on their creation led to the development of the whole gaming industry. Although they may seem too plain and outdated now, they’re the core and base. We definitely recommend you rewinding your memory and getting into the world of fun and joy. You don’t even need to purchase a console off of Amazon, just visit RomsPlanet – they’ve got everything for a deep dive into the world of classic games.

Kudos for the best games of the past!

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