Xbox and the update nobody wanted

Microsoft has done it again. No, this isn’t about a new release from Microsoft that promises the latest edition and experience with the product that everyone has been waiting for. This time they have deeply disappointed their customers and even though the topic is Xbox, this is not a time to play games, at least not for many individuals who were seriously harmed by this update.

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Microsoft recently released an update for their Xbox One. It should have been just another regular update that would keep the product up to date in speed and reliability. But, somewhere things have seriously gone wrong. Threads appeared on Reddit with many dissatisfied customers who were wondering what happened and demanded an explanation.

It seems that Xbox One consoles have reset back to their factory settings, all because of the latest update for Xbox and they have not even been aware of it.

On the plus side, this update has not been affecting anyone receiving updates in the Xbox Insider Program. On the other hand, users who have been getting their updates from regular Xbox have been suffering consequences beyond repair. Those include cancellation of subscription, declined logins, loss of apps and games, just to name a few.

While many questions and demands for an explanation have been sent to Microsoft, their generic replies are only letting the users know that they themselves don’t exactly know what the problem is or how they will fix it. And even though the update happened automatically and they had no say in it, the users now have no other option but to wait and see how the matter develops and can only exchange their experiences on Reddit, hoping for the best.

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