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  1. I'm having a huge/annoying issue. A user posted a question on the download of WTK and it keeps sending me the same email notification over and over and over and over and over again. It's proper filling up my inbox lol.
  2. If I remember correctly, isocs does burning online(?). Still trying to fix it. All the code is correct but doesn't seem to want to work. I'm tempted to move onto another issue.
  3. I've been coding today. Been trying to fix a weird issue with WIM Manager. UPDATE: Managed to fix that. Just trying to fix the crashing with the ISO Maker and it's being a big pain in the ***! If anyone knows any alternatives to IMAPIv2 for creating ISOs then please let me know. If you know of one which also burns ISOs, even better!
  4. At the moment I'm just going through my code to see what stage everything is that. Adding a few more comments here and there.
  5. Just answered it. The exclusive downloads are just updating so I will update the links later on before cracking on with the code. Sorry for the abscense.
  6. Depends on the size of the donation. Also people who have been around for a while and helped out.
  7. Hey gang. Sorry for not being on here much. I decided to do an internship which took up pretty much all my time. I wanted the experience and more things to put on my CV/Resume. At the moment I'm just updating the exclusive downloads Hope you're all well
  8. It's not finished yet. I'm still programming it, just stuck on an annoying issue.
  9. I've been edited the pages tonight
  10. Hey, so I've spent the last couple of days finally updating the website. Can anyone please provide feedback? For those user who have donated, send me an email and I shall send you a test username and password to check out the exclusive stuff but mostly to make sure they work
  11. I will be starting this development cycle tomorrow so expect a release. I shall be working on more WIM Manager features
  12. I'd rather just keep the newer version and remove as much of the RTM as possible
  13. That tool you linked to seems to work great so I don't need to work on mine until a much later date
  14. It is something I developed myself and still testing
  15. The minitool I made removes them. Windows 7 does NOT have ResetBase
  16. I found one. Thanks anyway guys
  17. Thanks but a bit expensive
  18. Legolash2o


    Sorry that this is off topic. Does anyone know of a good seedbox provider ~50GB? Thanks.
  19. What is the error messages of the msu, also Vista isn't officially supported anyway
  20. Today I've been experimenting with cleaning up WinSXS. As you may know every month I create new ISOs, however I've noticed the size for an x64 image goes to about 17.5GB with all 500+ updates installed. I've successfully managed to cleanup WinSXS to reduce the install back to 11GB! The best news is that it boots and installed successfully without a single error Does anyone have any ideas of what I can try yet to reduce an image size? Any software you can suggest I install to see if it works? Any other test? At the minute it's just an extra exe which I point to the a mount path and it just automatically does its things. EDIT: Windows update did prompt 3 tiny updates. KB971033 did not want to install though with error 80070643 so I just hid it. Tests Enable/Disable features - FAIL (not surprised) Software Microsoft Office 2013 - OK Visual Studio 2013 - PENDING OK means no issues. KNOWN ISSUES Enable/Disable Features does not work. Cleanup.7z
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