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  1. Sorry about that guys. This is what I meant to convey. NTFS and UEFI does not play nice together. (must use FAT32)
  2. Yes, you really should try google sometime. No you cannot use ntfs on your usb for install. Has to be FAT32 (and likely a GPT partition scheme for UEFI computers). Your other limitation is the OS needs to be 64-bit. 32-bit does not install on UEFI from USB.
  3. Well, if it becomes possible to introduce modules to WinToolKit, that would be cool. Even if not, it is awesome that you will be able to use WinToolKit for an educational purpose. Keep up the great work.
  4. As a side note to this, whether or not you allow other people to work on this, it would be useful to have WinToolKit modular. To clarify, make it to where additional modules could be added (or worked on separately) but all called by WinToolKit. (since you are going multi-threaded anyway.)
  5. As long as you do not have to do anything "extra" to truly support that version. However if at all possible, it would be good to have extra features for those more recent dism versions.
  6. Wow! All of this talk on multi-threading, it makes my spidey senses tingle. I wonder what WinToolKit could do with an 8 core processor? hmmmm ... the possibilities are endless .... :prop:
  7. While it would be an interesting project, I do have a problem with the "Make more use of mutli-tasking" approach. Most things that have to be integrated into a windows install disk are performed by the program dism, is it possibly or even wise to try and multitask that function? Hopefully the process of multitasking will not cause issues with disk thrashing all of those files around. These are just thoughts of mine, so as long as you can work through the multitasking issues, I suppose it will be a good thing. Keep up the great work.
  8. I think more specifically he is referring to posting of the wintoolkit ini file that you used when having the problem you stated. (I do not think WinToolKit creates a log file, unless it is the dism log file that he is referring to.)
  9. So much for improvements on technology. Maybe the newer one does more checks than the older imagex? (Just throwing out conjecture.)
  10. crashfly


    If it is a working build (with problems fixed), I do not have a problem with that. As for the "McRip button", I am not sure what 'WHD' stands for, but if it is another way to get updates for Windows then that would probably be best.
  11. What version of WinToolKit were you using when this error occurred? And while you are at it, what components did you remove? Side note: have you tried your install without removing any components?
  12. To add further to what Kelsenellenelvian already mentioned, please check the forum rules: Wincert.net Forum Rules as your source is blatantly and obviously a warez torrent. We DO NOT tolerate warez at this site. Even for mentioning it can get you banned. I suggest you remove your picture and move on.
  13. And you might want to ask Microsoft to fix it then. WinToolKit uses an official tool provided by Microsoft to perform "official" actions on an installation disc. As a side note: It is not possible to remove items "officially" in Windows 7. In Windows 8, the 'Dism' tool has been improved enough to do this with only Windows 8 and above.
  14. I think these should be posted to Legolash2o so that he could possibly work on them. I use english, but I think a multilingual program is a worthwhile goal. As for the installers, it would worth it to do, but probably not too easy to implement.
  15. Honestly, I never noticed it. Yes a bug it might be, but it is not a "show stopping" bug. I am sure Legolash2o can adjust it to "local" time without too much trouble.
  16. I usually try not to say too much as I do not think some people are worth the time and effort to answer the dumb questions and demands that are made. However in your case Kelsenellenelvian, I can say that I also like your attitude. Some people think it might be harsh, however I like to think that you are telling people how it is. That is welcome and refreshing. Yeah, you do not always have to be so hard on people, but people will never learn if you do not tell it to them "how it is". I wish you the best on your 'retirement.' I hope that you can find peace and understanding in your personal life. Hopefully you will not be too much of a stranger to these forums.
  17. Technically, WinToolKit already works just fine on a Windows 8 image. Only some of the tweaks cannot be used.
  18. If you are doing this for Windows 7, then keep only the Windows 7 drivers. For Windows 8, keep both the Windows 7 and Windows 8 drivers. Very seldom does Windows 7 ever need the "XP" driver and the "Vista" driver only a bit more often.
  19. My apologies on that bphlpt. I got a little exuberant on people complaining about stuff in the wrong thread. That and I jumped all over the wrong person. Apologies to abbodi1406. As for mattew, he should post in the appropriate thread (or create his own). In that post he should include more information about what he was trying to do.
  20. I wanted to thank you for this link RicaNeaga. It helped with the installation and update of my Windows 7 disc. Thanks.
  21. I realize that WinToolKit already keeps a record of the time it takes to perform the whole process. If it is not too much trouble, I would like to see a "Results Window" after integration is done with a break down of the times it took in various places (separate times for update integration, driver integration, tweak integration, mount/unmount times, etc). The "Results Window" would have an option to show or not at the end of the process (for those people who do not want to show the windows). My opinion: For those of us who like to try tweaking the WinToolKit settings (like drive locations, etc), the results window would be useful to compare performance runs for those options we choose. I realize this will not exactly make WinToolKit work any better, but it would help those of us wondering about where the time went.
  22. I know there is an option to add registry files, however I had the damnedest time trying to find it. If I had not selected the 'Add' button under tweaks, I would have never known that option was there. Would it not be easier to add another tab next to the tweaks that lists registry files?
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