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  1. I was messing around and I had about 40 of em in the tray I'll post a screenshot if I do it again :lol:
  2. Oh well, I wouldn't worry too much about, means you have an extra 64Mb for doing other stuff when your not playing video games and stuff I wish I could disable the shared memory size thingy on mine, that way I could have my full 1Gb of RAM for Windows and 128Mb for video. If your computer still runs as well as it did when you got it, I wouldn't worry about it. Cheers
  3. Well, I got MessPatch installed there, and it still does the same thing. It's gotta be that something is getting removed and Vista doesn't like it. Oh well, I'm still going to use MessPatch from now on
  4. Well, I have been searching around and I found this: http://forums.techguy.org/hardware/516342-...emory-woes.html It doesn't really offer a solution, but it does talk about a few things pertaining to your situation. Try going to the screen below here: See how much RAM is showing there. I am beginning to think that maybe Windows changes the shared memory size as needed. Under Vista, it may have to use 128MB, but under XP, only 8Mb is needed bare minimum, so it just goes to 64MB. And here is my DXdiag box:
  5. Will give this new one a shot, thanks Rick Too **** true. Well said.
  6. The icons can stay there for hours on end though I'm pretty sure it's something A-Patch does, because it only does it after A-Patching my WLM.
  7. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but its rather annoying. I hate having to install flash player because of Ads and stuff like that. Flash ads are the worst. The other problem I have is this (note the WLM icons in the tray) It only happens on an A-patched version of WLM for me (I remove a lot of stuff). It happens when you close WLM from the try icon (ie, right click and "close messenger"). The Main window closes and that icons remains, you can then hover over it and it just disappears. I was wondering if anyone else has these problems and would like to let me in on some secrets Thanks guys :beerchug:
  8. The video card on that notebook (and mine) is a shared video controller. Basically, it takes memory from your system RAM to do video graphics. My laptop actually has 128Mb dedicated, plus (up to) 192Mb shared. In total, the video card in my laptop can go up to 320Mb, but I leave it at the default, which is 256Mb. Anyway, in your video software control center, see if you can find anything about Share Memory Size, if you can, you can probably increase it from 64Mb to 128Mb. Take a look around and if you can't find anything, post back and I'll see what I can do. I have a Toshiba Notebook also, but with an ATi Video card. Best of luck :beerchug:
  9. updated question, see first post.
  10. Well, I just checked mine, and I'm up to 3249 audio files, 12 days, and 19.9gb.
  11. Ok, you should probably disconnect the other mouse, but I don't see it being a problem, I've had 2 or 3 mice hooked up at one time and they all worked As for software, mine didn't come with anything and I bought mine brand new. If it doesn't recognize the device, try a different USB port, and if it still doesn't recognize, it could possibly be damaged or your computer just isn't compatible. I'd also try the mouse on a few different computers.
  12. lol, I responded to your PM. Post back in here instead and I will help you (I get an e-mail alert when someone posts in a topic I have posted in )
  13. It does, and it doesn't. I don't have the fancy transparency effects, but I do have the new GUI. ie) Shadows under windows, fancy title bars and such. Screens: Vista Basic: Vista Standard:
  14. I have been thinking about battery conservation stuff lately and I thought I'd bring my poll over from MSFN (which got really screwed up). Anyway, I was just wondering what your battery runtime is. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-VA1, I get roughly 2 hours, give or take. On my Toshiba Satellite 2230CDS, I get around 3 hours. I just wish I had more batteries for my A100 than my 2230CDS Anyway, lets see the results :naughty:
  15. Thanks N1K, worked perfectly I take my laptop off of A/C and it immediately goes to Vista Basic theme. I will test this out and see how much battery is saved. Will post back with my results
  16. Ok, now I have another question based on power conservation. When I use my laptop, I'm mainly on the internet, but, I'm not consistently utilizing the network. So, I was basically wondering, if anyone has seen a program, that after a certain time delay, the network will automatically disable itself. But when there is a network request sent out, it automatically re-enables the network. Any ideas? Original Post I was reading somewhere on the net, that, when you have the computer on "Power Saver" mode, it will automatically disable Windows Aero interface when you put the computer on battery. I was just wondering if anyone here has been able to do this. I'm running Vista Home Basic, so maybe it just isn't possible with Basic. Anyway, just wondering.
  17. Oh god ****it. that figures, free to payware (I can't purchase stuff online)
  18. Awesome find cro-man. I love this kind of stuff
  19. Wow, ok then. Batteries aren't to be stylish, they go in stuff and power it. They could be all black and I wouldn't care Anyway, I'd prefer to have actual AA rechargeable batteries. They get much higher MaH ratings because you have more of the volume to use as a cell. That cap and USB plug take away from cell volume and would reduce battery run time. The batteries I have are 2650MaH and run my Minidisc player for about 36 hours (as opposed to 42 with regular alkaline batteries) Thats economical None-the-less, neat idea, but I'd rather not have something like that because there's so many things that can go wrong. Ie) USB plug breaks off, lose cap, cell doesn't last as long, etc..
  20. Mines the same as last month
  21. hehehe this is pretty cool. Hopefully some more info can be found out about it, and perhaps one day our people can get to it. Some people will look at it as another planet for us to screw up
  22. Holy crap thats amazing. I can't wait until the day I can afford to buy myself a fairly powerful desktop computer My current setup won't do it, nor will my laptop
  23. Hmm, strange. It's working ok here for me.
  24. Well, I just got a little server built up for myself. It's that old Latitude CPx J650GT I had. The keyboard finally packed it in, so now it's a server It's running Windows XP and I'm mainly using it for Torrents and a small little website I'm going to use to host just text files and what not. Currently, it's got a 40GB, 5400RPM HDD in it and its doing quite well. I can also probably use it as a Proxy for when I'm at school I may load Server 2003 on it later on if it will load, but I don't know. XP is running very well and doing just what I want.
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