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  1. I know that but it is not full & final version. It is under testing stage and the latest one if Firefox 3.5 RC3. Final version going to release next week. Then i made an addon with some cool addons like Ad Blocker Plus and No script etc.
  2. You can download the newer version through W7T.
  3. WIndows XP Mnager from Yamicsoft.com
  4. Windows 7 Tweaker Build 1.0b99 in German Language Windows 7 Tweaker German Addon
  5. No Noticable changes than Build 95. If this is German Language. I can Made German addon if u like.
  6. Can u Provide me link too of Sunrise Seven build 1.0.b99.exe ?
  7. Everytime W7T opens it downloads update list. Check for updates locked in W7T. So how to stop this.
  8. Love avast antivirus pro with Nod32 4.0
  9. My system crashed after installing graphics driver. Windows build 7137 going to be leaked today.
  10. Already tried it before not much impressive. 8% increase in performance.
  11. I too got this error from months. But it is not so frequent.
  12. Registry Hive Wim Mounting Error
  13. Although this build able to mounted & unmounted successfully But it is unable to delete mounted folder like previous builds done.
  14. Its not been blocked as it work fine with SP2 OEM Disk. Even i Don,t need to activate. But after integrating SP3 to it through integrate command problem arises in unattended installation. Using fake key then after first logon changing key with original one shows windows is genuine and activated sucessfully..
  15. Some Installation Does not Accept my genuine serial number. by Patching pidgen.dll windows can accept any serial no even 0.
  16. Is there any way to patch pidgen.dll?
  17. If u use some OS transformation pack like Vistamizer it automatically patches shell32.dll file in ur installation directory. Replace the patched shell32.dll from windows\system32 folder to xp installation source after compressing it. Other way u use resource hacker to modify icons according to need.
  18. Bitdefender Protects me from all of these.
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