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  1. what's the changes in t37 compared to t36 ?
  2. Even if I merge X86 and X64 images ? It's good to know i will try. Thanks !
  3. Thanks Ricks but i don't want to use autounattend.xml because i want to be able to choose any editions of win7 at install.
  4. Oh, i see, so disabling the service is enough ? Thanks dareckibmw edit: that's not the same thing! Just tested, if you disable the service, you can't install Malicious Software Removal Tool from Windows/MS Update, and Windows Defender throws an error if you try to configure it. The latter one is rather logical and expected, but the former is unexpected and proves that MRT relies on Windows Defender service. Disabling the service is too much, disabling only the software is the better option i think. (It can be easily re-enabled by an average user, not the service, and errors frighten the average user)
  5. This would be awesome, only two images to process (X86 and X64) and all editions (except enterprise) will be added!
  6. Windows Update is only for Windows, Microsoft Update is for all Microsoft products.
  7. I have voted yes, but i would like to see this added: Adding Microsoft Update and disabling System Restore
  8. Hi Lego, I will be very happy if you can add: - an option to have MS Update enabled (instead of Windows Update) done see this - an option to disable system restore done see this - an option to disable Windows Defender edit: not the service. - an option to not not show the "send to recycle bin" confirmation when you hit the "supp" key. Thank you !
  9. Thanks Thiersee, i know how to find KB but i appreciate the fact you have provided french links. Gruß
  10. I thought that extracting all cabs from the MSUs was exactly the same except it speed up integration... I will try, but of course i have deleted the msu,
  11. and for KB2592687 & KB971033 not being integrated, any fixes ?
  12. I use nLite on windows 7 64 bits without any issues, juste use it in XP SP3 compatibility mode and it OK. I think the only issue is if you slipstream a service pack under Vista/7
  13. If i integrate this, i don't have to integrate 4.0 anymore isn't it ?
  14. - Use short path without spaces in it: C:\XP is a good one. Even better use an other hard drive: D:\XP - Use update pack instead of integrating updates one by one. - Use RVMi to integrate update pack, then after use nLite to integrate AddOns and tweaks. - Try to integrate less addons, like half less.
  15. It says "the server process could'nt be started because the configured identity is not correct. Verify the user name and password" I always test with a fresh image, so no. Here is the inis: Last Sessions.zip It's the X86 i have tested. I have made an x86 build with the same ini with test34: WinToolkit Installer doesn't show at T-13. Good! But once on the desktop it runs and the dispaly is without theme and with an explorer window open: Once WinToolkit installer has finished, theme appears but the window is still open: Once the window closed, everything seems OK. I have checked and all the sfx and addons are all installed. Rebooted and checking MS Update, it seems KB2592687 and KB971033 are not installed/integrated
  16. Still not fixed in test 33 : (32 bits image of Win 7 Pro SP1 French)
  17. Hi Lego Tested t31 with an aio x86/x64 image of Win7 SP1 French. - Host PC: Win7 Sp1 X64 | Core i5 | 8 GB of RAM | 128GB SSD - Integrated about 90+ Updates for each arch (all in CAB format), AddOns, SFX, and selected some tweaks. - Two passes: first one for X86 and the second for X64. X86 images: (Home Premium + Professional, others removed) - WinToolkit is very slow at loading updates. - Flagged KB2533552 and KB971033 as incompatible. Is this normal for the second one ? - Integration time: ~ 20 mins X64 images: (Home Premium + Professional, others removed) - WinToolkit is very slow at loading updates. - Not flagged KB971033 this time (i have removed KB2533552 before running this pass because i knew it won't integrate) - Integration time: ~ 30 mins Tested the 32 bits Pro image In VirtualBox 4.2.4: - Same issue as reported in this thread: WinToolkit Installer is launched at T-13, resulting in some SFX not installed: - VS runtimes 2005/2008 (2010 got installed, odd as it is from the same sfx) - Winrar 32 bit, a custom made SFX, is not integrated (Winrar 64 is on the image) - All updates seems integrated. KB971033 and KB2533552 are proposed on MS Update. Not tested 64 bits. Here is the logs files: WinToolkit_beta.zip
  18. Just encountered the behavior with I'm now testing the latest build of 1.5: test31. Will report in its thread. Legolash2o: you should consider updating 1.4 (maintenance releases for bugfixes only) until 1.5 is stable enough for "everyday" use
  19. Hi myselfidem Tested your script on Win7 X64, it don't works: If i run the bat, it says "le lecteur spécifié est introuvable" If i copy the content of the batch and paste it in cmd, the script is working but the task it it create is set to "%C:\ProgramFiles(x86)%\Everything\Everything.exe\" -startup and this do not launch Everything.
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