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  1. Sad
    digital john reacted to username1 in Win Toolkit   
    this was the most CRAZY registration process captcha I have ever seen in my entire life. plese make things easier and disable registration. this is so stupid.
    also your app doesnt support highdpi displays and looks horrible and unusable on modern pcs.
    please update ui its almost 2018!
    or at least make it.
    what a waste of time
  2. Thanks
    digital john reacted to Legolash2o in Win Toolkit   
    I'm not responsible for the registration process, so nothing I can do in that regard.
    I also don't have a 4K screen to develop 4K support, so I would be essentially programming blind. Unless there's a program out there to making the program look as if it was running on 4K.
    Considering that the application is free.... you're welcome.
  3. Like
    digital john reacted to i2i8 in Win Toolkit   
    new version,very nice~
  4. Like
    digital john reacted to Legolash2o in Win Toolkit   
    I've since removed the installer.
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    digital john reacted to Srinivas Jyotula in Win Toolkit   
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