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  1. when u open wintoolkt, click on the intermediate tab, choose for wim manager, remove the editions you don't need and rebuild image
  2. i have drivers map name win 10 x64, it didn't integrate anything, i hope they fixed on or 12
  3. wait for a new release or version 2 you coud also get a paid version
  4. search the forum, i remember u have to set your computer year back to 2015 to get the new install.wim to work
  5. which windows version do u have? Before using wintoolkit always disable antivirus and make sure nothing else is running on the background. Als have enough space on your hdd
  6. to make sure the drivers will be installed always add both...i do this too , but don't mix drivers like 32bit and 64bit the system will automatically pick the new drivers
  7. u said iso, did u unpack them? i mean extract iso files...if it's iso, u need to unpack(extract) using winrar or utraiso
  8. sure, we will miss you.........thanx for your hard work.through all this years
  9. how large is the space on your hdd? the C drive and how come u have only 4gb of ram? I mean, the ram are cheaper each year, u coud at least have 6gb of ram or beter 8gb
  10. Hi Jungleexplorer, it will be handy, if you provide us your system specification. Make sure u have at least 60Gb free on your hdd and nothing running on the back ground.. like antivirus..that saves alot time. i have made iso,drivers with all the version of wintoolkit and only once crashed i'm running windows 7 x64 sp1 16GB Ram you shoud also understand, that the iso image is unpacked and repacked(Rebuild), that's why the image is large
  11. Which version of windows 7 are you using? this error can occurred , if u use wrong updates on wrong os example: windows 7 and x64 updates.......don't mix them check that you're using the right updates, with the right os. Also update your os often and install runtimes,net, drivers
  12. i just downloaded without problems, check your connection
  13. first of all, you shoud give more info about your system. which brand name(hp, dell, asus etc) als check driverpacks.net
  14. raist, try not to mix 64bit updates and 32bit operating system
  15. hi piet, ask the question to the repacker of runtimes..... gooed luck / wens je geluk
  16. Aio runtimes here : https://www.mediafire.com/?c2b192g8cvgy9jn,?ii6d7m5xgu8l9qc,?5cbomxa7ei6ezw5,?c1z97zxaramfc9y,?la4w3cn4q24n3k6,?cjr86eyc4kwi856,?ya4mjvb4ozsuxfm,?4b3cj9yj4m14r55,?3vz9b1981bdrk7c,?be3kadx7hg1r3g4 it's 02032015
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