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  1. It's OK for me. I would take out the "Localization" as a separate subforum.
  2. This is not translatable. May also change it to "items in queue"
  3. Updated Romanian language to v2.0.0.16 (with the lines you posted) I'd suggest some text change: <system:String x:Key="Global-00000046">No directory selected.</system:String> <system:String x:Key="Global-00000046">Please select a folder. (Step 2).</system:String> <system:String x:Key="FrmLMM-00000001">Select the folder where the new files will be located.</system:String> <system:String x:Key="FrmLMM-00000001">Select the output folder where the converted files will be stored.</system:String> Oh, and please be consistent with the file naming. You started with WinToolkit_v2.0.0.0_Prototype.7z than continued with v2. - v2., now you name it just Thank you. ro-RO.xaml
  4. You mean the error from the first line? I can't realy remember, Forget about it. Seems that now its fixed with the prompt. Delete updates seems to work too.
  5. On the first test to convert a file, skiped Step 2 and hit Convert, the D:\OutputDirectory was created and file was converted. I deleted that folder and now it throws a quick error (can't read it as it's really quick flash) and nothing happens. Why it runed the first time to create that "default hinted" directory than it can't repeat it? If I select a folder in Step 2 the file is converted. Can't add Folder or Folder + subfolder in LP Converter and EXE to MSP Converter. MSU to CAB accepts them. Delete update from list don't work in any of the converters. Any converter selected the Delete updates baloon shows "Remove MSU files from the conversion queue."
  6. Hi Liam. The Romanian translation is updated for v2.0.0.13 but some of the new lines from the baloon tooltips are not shown. You changed "FrmMSUtoCAB" to "FrmLMM" and I think that's the reason. Edit: Oh, sh.... My bad. Forget what I said early. I forgot to replace the exe with the new one. It is all OK now. All I can suggest is to extract a copy of the added/modiffied/removed lines in a separate file for us so it will be easy to look for. Some kind of a changelog for translation. ro-RO.xaml
  7. You can find the test version in the signature of the developer Legolash2o under the Latest builds link.
  8. Yes, it's fixed. I can see the attached pics. Thanks NIM.
  9. This is not good / right. You get the impression that others don't see what you want them to see. I think this needs to be fixed.
  10. The updates sorting is still a problem for me. There are too many files in the folders even if the program shows exactly the same number of downloaded updates as the WHDownloader. So the lists used are correct but the program don't filter out the old/superseded updates to move them to the apropriate folder. This happens for all the lists. Also the Office updates are still in some zip kind of exe format (part of them, not all). This is not happening in WHDownloader.
  11. Here is how it looks for me If I click on them, this comes up
  12. Hi, Thiersee The attached files are images and are visible at the time of writing the post when use "Preview Post" button but as you can see the images are not visible in the final post. A few days ago the attachments wasn't available in this thread, now it is available but seems not all functions work. Maybe NIM should have a look and fix this.
  13. Strange bottom behabiour... At start it looks like in pic1 and pic2 - notice the white line Go to Options don't change anything, close the Options, see pic3 - notice the black line and no scroll bar on right (the scroll shuldn't be there from the first start as it's the default setting to adjust hight, isn't it?) After playing with settings in Options see pic4 - notice the a little duplication in the bottom where the white and black lines was before. Edit: As I see the attached pictures aren't visible you can fiind the pics here http://www.datafilehost.com/d/ff134ec2
  14. Updated & refined Romanian translation to latest v2.0.0.12 ro-RO.xaml
  15. Start with Downloader > Integrator > Unattended Creator Just a thought.
  16. I think is safe to go forward.
  17. I know I did it on this forum, and I checked the Translation thread and there is available but not here. I also have trouble to post links from IE11. I have to use the first button "BBCode Mode" to to paste the link in plain text than it will be converted to a link when clicked on Preview Post. I can't use the "Link" button. For that I use Chrome to post links or images. Another thing that's bothering me (and this is on multiple forum sites, I don't know why) is that the visited thread remains highlighted even after it was visited until you refresh the page or close and open the browser again. Maybe NIM will have a look to fix what he can.
  18. I can't see the attach button in Internet Eplorer 11 or Google Chrome...
  19. 1. Not really. In translation some words switch places and the "s" for plural in English become "uri" in Romanian. + in Romanian sound better if translated as "Win Toolkit have Facebook" instead of the mechanical translation. 2. Yes, I know, it was just a minor thing... 3. The sooner the better. For now I have to move it out to see the original. Thanks.
  20. Minor cosmetic. ISOs and Win Toolkit Facebook don't have strings to translate. Suggestion Minor - make the language indicator to display the name of the language in full name like "Romanian RO" or just leave it simply "RO" instead of "ro-RO" Major - make the language indicator changeable from one language to another one available. This way is easy to switch between local and English or whatever is available to compare the looks of it
  21. Both dimensions should be adaptive, I think. That way the ribbon bar will have space for full buttons so they don't shrink. As long as every one is happy, I'm happy too, Thiersee.
  22. Thanks for the scroll. I think it's better with it and the fix height. I'm happy with it, other users may request if they want the alternative option. Please add an "s" letter after "Aplhawave" to reflect his correct name in one occurrence. Here is the updated lang file - http://www.datafilehost.com/d/60b801d9 Edit after... The correct form for that FrmMain-00000026 string is simply "Forum". "Forumul" means "The Forum"
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