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  1. Hello,

    Chose curieuse, le fait d'avoir installé manuellement la dernière mise à jour cumulative (pour éviter de la retélécharger sur chaque machine virtuelle) a complètement désactivé WU qui est irréparable sur mes 4 VM. Je referai une installation neuve pour les machines en Convenience Rollup au prochain Update patch. J'espère pouvoir identifier malgré tout les mises à jour inutiles sur les installations classiques...

  2. 30 minutes ago, phaolo said:

    Damn, that's an important info.
    I guess that I'll have to use SUP, even if I would have preferred to get the good patches directly from MS and clean the monthly rollups with some guide.

    in this case, don't forget to reapply updated Simplix pack each month with the view to disable updated scripts from Monthly cumulative update... a little bit complicated !

    I think that the simplest solution is to block the link between telemetry services and M$ servers (Spybot or other telemetry blocker programs).

  3. @phaolo

    I'm not sure if all components of telemetry are blocked, since security quality monthly rollup contains some telemetry scripts. But required updates to make telemetry working are not installed if you use the script. Some other telemetry updates non included in Simplix Update Pack are not included in ULs. But remind that on a live system,if a blocked KB is updated, even if masked by the script, it will be proposed by WU, so you'll have to rehide it manually.

    If you want a 100% clean update (but to my opinion I really doubt that it is possible), you can use Simplix Update Pack, or a program such as Spybot antibeacon  (I use it with Windows 10).

    No, WUD can't detect already installed patches, it just downloads a list of updates via M$ servers.

  4. 15 hours ago, J.J. said:

     Not sure if this was intentional but I (actually NTLite) found a duplicate update in your list.

    The "2-Windows6.1-KB3004375-v3-x64" update is located in "Common Convenience Rollup and Classic integration Updates" AND "Classic integration Updates (Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise Editions ONLY)" categories.

    Im running Professional Edition, so I integrate either way. If it is truly Pro and higher only then some may not need.


    Yes, it was intentional. It was too complicated to create an other category for Convenience Rollup integration only for 1 update (with this integration method, only KB3004375 is needed with Professional Edition, not the 2 others), so I placed it 2 times.

    I'll upload new ULs this evening, good news that this forum works again!

    Changelog : KB4048957 replaces KB4041681 and KB3181988 ; new version of KB2952664 v13 (Telemetry Updates).


    KB4049016 wasn't asked in my configurations. Prbably due to the fact I use DNF4.7.1 too.


  5. @Alpha_95

    De quelle mise à jour parles-tu ? La dernière cumulative de fin septembre corrige qq bugs sur Edge pour ceux qui l'utilisent.

    Pour la Fall Creator's Update, pas encore testé, elle devrait être déployée le 17 octobre. Mais j'attendrai un mois pour l'installer histoire que les plus gros bugs soient corrigés avec la première mise à jour. Il est temps pour moi de reformater après trois ans !

    Perso je préfère télécharger l'ISO et installer à partir de celui-ci, c'est plus rapide, et plus propre.

  6. @pennsylvaniaron @Thiersee

    Links were disabled from Mediafire because of a claim by M$. I suppose they have robots that track every file including "Windows" "SP", and ULs were downloaded almost 3500 times since they are released.  I don't break the rules since links in ULs are those from M$ servers, and no files are hacked. I don't want to waste my time joining M$ to remove the claim. And if M$ did its job correctly with updates, ULs would be useless... So links are removed, and files have been posted in Wincert server (as it's the case for Office and Win10 ULs).


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