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  1. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Hi mooms, NoScript version 10.1.1 for FF 57.0 has been released; may be you can embed it too !
  2. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Anyway, I forgot an hint: I modified the line 256 (downloading:......) in two lines, because the showed path was cutted off at the end in my cmd-windows (standard) echo downloading: echo "http://download.mozilla.org/?product=firefox-%v1%&os=%v2%&lang=%lng%"
  3. Firefox SFX Maker AIO

    Hi mooms, 1) I put in two places a warning because some extensions are no more compatible to FF 57.0. 2) Line 420 (original file) should be "successfully" (my opinion). Just have a look and decide, if you want to include this warnings.
  4. I don't get it in WU, may be because I use NFW 4.7.1. Regards
  5. Patch-Day 14.11.2017: KB4048957, replaces KB4041681 and KB3181988 (by Deep Cleaning). Tests are running.
  6. HUGE Bug in WT

    Under tab "Options" at the bottom (section Debugging). But if you download the test-version it has been corrected .
  7. HUGE Bug in WT

    Just "cosmetic": WTK shows as version; in Changelog is
  8. HUGE Bug in WT

    For me it works.
  9. HUGE Bug in WT

    Liam forgot in both the new releases (official) and (Test) a debug-box checked; therefore starting WTK executes only a test on the boot.wim. Go into "Options" and uncheck the option "Boot.wim Test". Then works WTK as usual.
  10. Liam forgot a debug option checked "Boot.wim Test"! Go into "Options" (at the bottom) and uncheck it, then it can start the integration. BTW, there is a thread to report bugs...
  11. Java Multi Maker 3.5 & 4.0b4

    Hi mooms, this is 1MB, not 10 . I tried this with the script: 1) In "bin" missing files copied from maker 3.5 2) Uncommented all lines with "::" 3) "Hard-coded" the Bundled-Id from the links in Boskorp's post :Get_Java_x86 get the latest BundleId for /f "usebackq delims=>= tokens=4" %%i in (`.\bin\curl %JAVA_URL%^|findstr /c:"Download Java software for Windows Offline"`) do ( set BundleID=227984 ) %ARIA% %JAVA_DL_URL%=%BundleId% goto :eof :Get_Java_x64 get the latest BundleId for /f "usebackq delims=>= tokens=4" %%i in (`.\bin\curl %JAVA_URL%^|findstr /c:"Download Java software for Windows (64-bit)"`) do ( set BundleID=227983 ) The script downloads both the x86 & x64-files and generates an installer, but at the beginning of the run (cmd window) it outputs an error (it seems without effects)
  12. Java Multi Maker 3.5 & 4.0b4

    Very good ! THX