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  1. [SOLVED] and Test

    Hi Nemo_G, is a test-build ! Thiersee
  2. [SOLVED] and Test does not have the issue.
  3. Hi Liam, both versions shows this warning on loading preset and the number of selected tweaks is wrong. In and before is OK Same preset in both cases. Regards
  4. BIG bug in v1.6.0.7

    This bug exists already since a looooong time!
  5. Please, post your preset.ini. I get exactly those requests, if I don't integrate the AV.reg too 2534111 is normal; the other two will be not deepcleaned, if you integrate them as RunOnce; this is anyway a very old matter. Sometimes needs WU 1 or two restart and a bit time to realize they are not necessary....
  6. WinToolkit_1.6.0.5 does not launch

    I don't think so: earlier versions were high-compressed in the same way, but they were working. And this is not the first time, WTK has this kind of crash... Be patient and wait that Lego has a look at this thread.
  7. Tested x86-integration of KB4093118 instead of KB4088875, KB4099950 under silent-installers: no issues or requests from WU. The REG-key (QualityCompat) is still necessary, otherwise WU will ask for 4 old update for windows and 2 for NET-FW: have a look to the pictures in my post from March 25 This page or the previous one). May be tomorrow I can test x64.
  8. From the MS-article KB4088875: Just yesterday I updated my 2nd W7-installation on work-pc and observed this WU-behavior: 1) WU requested KB4074598; I installed it and after restart and one or two new search 2) WU requested KB4099950 and 4100480; I install them and after restart and one or two new search 3) WU requested finally (and not earlier!) KB4088875; I installed it, then restart WU did not request other patches. May be MS means KB4088875 will not be asked until the other have been installed. Then, of course, today KB4093118; in the same article MS says this one corrects the problems of KB4088875 and the reg-key QualityCompat is not necessary anymore.
  9. NVMe on Windows 7

    To integrate the NVMe-driver in the installation-media is not enough! If your BIOS does not support to boot from a PCIe-drive, you have only two possibility: 1) modding the BIOS to insert a NVMe-module 2) to use the clover-system to boot. Both methods can you find on win-raid.com. Direkt link for point 2): https://www.win-raid.com/t2375f50-Guide-NVMe-boot-without-modding-your-UEFI-BIOS-Clover-EFI-bootloader-method.html I'm using this way on an ASUS MB A88X-Pro without any issues.
  10. It means the patch is not necessary? Anyway, it would be interesting what MS means with this Info on KB4099950 The most people have set Windows to update automatically.
  11. Or, if you install with an USB pendrive, you can simply delete the file ei.cfg within the folder "sources" on the pendrive. If you use WinToolkit there is a possibility too to delete the ei.cfg.
  12. And again a patch for a patch for a patch.... KB4099467
  13. I don't know, sorry! We should know if this patch closes an already present hole or if it prevents that such an hole opens .......