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  1. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Yes, it has one. No, it does not; tested with Cyberfox x64.
  2. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Hi mooms, Oracle has not updated the Server yet, under the link is only the x64-version You can download the x86 from here, but be careful, only manual installation (Manuelle Installation)
  3. Java Multi Maker 3.5

    Not at the moment.
  4. [Repack] HashTab

    The link I marked in red is repack.de! To download you have to register and login.
  5. I can confirm this too! After OS-install I installed KB4040973, WU asked for KB4041083 with a size of 2.6MB (x64); I installed KB4019990 and the request has gone! On a second VM I installed KB4040973, thenWU asked for KB4041083 with a size of 2.6MB (x64); I installed the request from WU and got KB4019990 in the list of installed updates!
  6. @rhahgleuhargh I can confirm it! For x86 is 1.2MB. I don't have any issue with KB4019990 Edit: this small part of KB4041083 is marked as "Preview".....
  7. @rhahgleuhargh Confirmed! Installing separately KB4040980 (3.5.1) & KB4040973 (4.7), both contained in the rollup KB4041083, WU does not ask for the rollup anymore.
  8. Hi, what do you mean? I experienced on a new installation the bug with the missing DLL has been solved since the rollup of june (no need for KB4019990 anymore) Of course this KB may be necessary on updating a system, if the user installs .NET-FW 4.7. But let us wait for .NET-FW 471, may be the bug will be solved definitively ...
  9. WinCert Forum default skin

    Thanks NIM! this is a good hint.
  10. WinCert Forum default skin

    Yes, but not in the actual software . Let's say, 2 years ago. It would be good when giving hints referring to another post in forum.
  11. WinCert Forum default skin

    It would be nice, if the "posts-number" (#12345) can be back...