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  1. Yes, it is, have a look here (last post).
  2. Not at the moment, sorry! May be I try with the actual UL in the next days.
  3. How to use WPI in Windows 7 DVD?

    You answer to a post 9 years old! The link is not damaged, the site doesn't exist anymore!
  4. You can follow the instructions in my post from Dec 29th or from here.
  5. Is there any date to the V6?

    It seems yes .
  6. Is there any date to the V6?

    I suggest you to be very fast and download today, the links expire tomorrow at 08:00 AM! I f you need Win7 Professional you can delete the file ei.cfg, then you have the choice for all the versions: 1) in WinToolkit there is an option to delete it or 2) if you install with an USB-Flash-drive you can go into <your drive>\sources" and delete the ei.cfg or 3) you can use the ei.cfg_removal_utility directly on the ISO.
  7. Is there any date to the V6?

    Professional is no more available since 22/12/2017! For that reason I wrote "Ultimate". Which language do you need? I tried x64 English, German and Italian an they work. If you choose "Windows (Final)", "Windows 7 SP1 (Build 7601)", "Windows Ultimate SP1", Your Language & the arch (x64 or x86) click on "Download": you should be asked where to save in or the download starts automatically.
  8. Is there any date to the V6?

    If you are in a hurry and need W7 quickly, can you try here: some files are still available until 28 of january (W7 SP1 Ultimate, (m)any languages). @Jan Krohn Sorry for giving a competitor's link !
  9. Either I do not remember well or I had the first release of KB4056894 in the integration (the KB has been released three times!). Anyway, the test was now positive (no issues or requests from WU).
  10. KB2952664 is a prerequisite for the installation of KB3150513, have a look here, so if KB2952664 has been masked out... @icare If I remember well, I had requests (Older patches) from WU if KB4040980 has not been installed; anyway I'll do a new test without this KB. BTW: what is MU? Is the same as WU?
  11. Hi Jan, sorry, but which sub-forum would you propose for the update-lists? This matter exists since 2014 as @rhahgleuhargh continued the work of @mooms if I remember well and it was from the beginning in French and English. Sometimes I got an admonishment, because I answered in Italian and English to an Italian User and appended the translation in English: I was told the admitted language is French, but English is permitted too, if the user does not speak French.
  12. Curious: just MSE installs this reg-key.... I was monitoring the registry during install of at least 10 VMs and exactly after MSE-Installation was finished, this key appeared in the registry.
  13. @pennsylvaniaron My older AMD-CPU is a Turion X2 64bit (2007! ): with this CPU I must use dec-UL (without KB4056894), otherwise windows does not start anymore! With the next older CPU (AM3 Phenom II, all 4 cores enabled) no problem. With FM2/FM2+ no problems too. About the reg-patch: it is related to the antivirus you are using; if you use MicrosoftSecurityEssential this reg-key is present in the registry after installing MSE.
  14. @pennsylvaniaron Hi Ron, which patch do you mean now? This is a good idea ! BTW, I tested the add-on from abbodi1406 for NET-FW 4.7.1 https://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/11127-microsoft-net-framework-471-for-windows-7/ it works very well!
  15. Firefox SFX Maker 5.4

    Which shortcut? And what is the purpose of the 2nd batch?