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  1. For 3185319 I don't know the reason, but for the other 2: both include updates for NET-FW 3.5.1 too: may be this is your problem... Which size have the two asked patches?
  2. I think WU is getting crazy on every patch-day ! Yesterday asked me on one VM for the MRT February 2018! Have a nice WE
  3. As promised the new link for NET-FW with the last patch: Net-FW 4.7.2 Repack only English
  4. Now I upgraded my VMs and I did not get this issue. BTW, KB2603229 is not allowed to be integrated offline.
  5. Of course it doesn't belong to Windows Update directly; if you do not install NET-FW 4.xx, you don't need that update and you'll not be asked for. Just wait for an updated NET-FW from the link, I gave you; I'll noptice you, when an updated file is available.
  6. Hi Ron, 3135819 (IE11) appears sometime on my installation too, but not always. 4457918 is the actual rollup for NET-FW, both 3.5.1 and 4.7.2; if you install it the other two (4041083 & 4049016) should disappear, they have been replaced by newer updates. Regards
  7. @mooms & @rhahgleuhargh I can't confirm it, sorry! Just W7-Pro x64 installed and I didn't get those KBs requested.
  8. Hi Ron, let me make just one example: some add-on (x64) does not run well on Office 2010 x64, therefore MS recommend to use x86, if you need such add-on; of course on a x86-system you must run Office 2010 x86. For sure there are other programs with this problem.
  9. Hi, Windows-Updates 11.09.2018: KB4457044, replaces KB4344152 (NET-FW 3.5.1) KB4457144 replaces KB4343900 & KB3156019 (after deep cleaning).
  10. Thiersee

    Thunderbird SFX Maker 5.4

    Hi Mooms, Thunderbird version 60.0 has been released, x86 & x64 (first time)! Can you update the script? Have you time for that? Have a nice week.
  11. Now I installed on a VM NET-FW 4.7.2 with the full installer (new, 80 MB): WU asks only for the security- and quality update. It means for me that it's not really necessary, only on a new system install the new installer should be used.
  12. @mooms ????? I just finished an update test on my test-PC (W7-Pro x64) with both NET-FW updates it seems there are no issues, but the version under "Installed Updates" is still the old one (4.7.03062). I forgot: no superseded updates.
  13. I think we should install them because 1) The full offline-installer is 70 MB + LanguagePack, this update is only 12 MB big. 2) If the offline-installer has been downloaded before 10-7-2018, this update should be installed; from the MS-Info: The version before 10-07-2018 is 4.7.3062.0. If I'll got the time, I'll try it tomorrow on my Test-PC.