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  1. My main OSes are still Vista (desktop) and Xp MCE (laptop), while Seven is just on another partition
  2. Keep up the excellent work N1K. May God protect us against such f**ing sh**ty spammers Amen!
  3. You can also use PE Explorer for UPX unpacker and Delphi not sure for C# decompiler though
  4. I've been a registered member of it for six months. Please just beware, sometimes (rare) they give some unpopular giveaways which are actually spywares or adwares. Overall it's still a nice site, very helpful
  5. Yeah anyhow it would depend on the connection speed i think i.e obviously it won't be useful for dial up users
  6. Nice thank you so much Jatin :thumbsup_anim: yes finally i've got it bcoz of you mate
  7. Lol i see oh yeah thanks Rick for the info, i will add it to the current list ASAP. Edit: Done, yeah i hope that it would be helpful and useful for many people especially Xp users, for "The Complete Transformation of Xp to Vista/Windows Seven" (in the most possible way as far as we can of course)... Windows 7 is very welcome but otherwise personally i'd still like to keep and say "Long Live Windows Xp"... :thumbsup_anim: it's still the best MS OS ever... Happy customizing, tweaking and enhancing your OS everybody, especially Xp of course hehe, anyways good luck, cheerz and cya...
  8. Thanks it's great and free! No more $600 lol :thumbsup_anim: Edit: I wish they would improve the right click menu feature but overall it's OK then
  9. Mine is DSL only up to/about 1 Mb/s here, not high but still fast enough for youtube and P2P cya hehehe
  10. OMG it sounds scary thanks for the info mate i'll stay away from it and such sites, i'll also tell my friends and family about it
  11. Works fine 100% here thanks alot Palmtree :thumbsup_anim:
  12. :icon_cool: Very nice work Palmtree :thumbsup_anim: really can't wait for the release thanks
  13. AMIRZ


    Welcome to Wincert mate :thumbsup_anim: i hope you could enjoy this awesome forum
  14. Followed by next top 10 reasons why we shouldn't upgrade? Lol
  15. Wow finally the RC thanks alot for the great news here! Let's download it together hehe :thumbsup_anim: Downloading...
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