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  1. :thumbsup_anim: Wow thanks mate but maybe next time could you upload it to another place e.g MediaFire waiting 500 seconds is not fun lol
  2. Lol i have Windows 7 and XP also installed. Please consider the fact that there are still more XP users than Vista and Windows 7 out there: e.g http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp while the OS is and will still be supported by MS until 2014 and all or most of 3rd party softwares are still compatible with it, so i think that making any transformation pack and apps for XP will be still useful, seems at least for 1-3 years forward maybe :thumbsup_anim: sorry just my personal opinion here. Good luck anyway. But yeah unlike Vista Windows 7 is really awesome OS, worth to try and have.
  3. Btw M$ and OEM manufacturers should really include ALL latest generic drivers (yea +SATA etc) in XP SP3 CD before they stopped selling and supporting it, sad... :sad01_anim: . Anyway it's nice to hear that finally it's working for you
  4. Great idea sorry i'm not so good on Photoshop lol but yea will still support it :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Nice but Windows 7 RTM (Build 7600) bootscreeen is actually different from it. Just use this one on XP (yes it's RTM like): http://peterrollar.deviantart.com/art/Windows7-Bootscreenpack-for-XP-111225391 - made by Peterrollar
  6. Btw Wincert should also have separate/special subforum for discussion and anything related to Metal lol, sorry JMTC here hehehe :P

  7. Here u go: http://www.askvg.com/hide-menubar-addressbar-throbber-in-my-computer-in-windows-xp/ (thx to Vishal Gupta)
  8. Good info! Thank you N1K :thumbsup_anim:
  9. AMIRZ

    VTP 9.1

    ^ Yeah you're right DaRk MaDnEsS sorry that's what i meant only XP / Vista here (in this case) with all their (uxtheme.dll) minor/build versions. Still waiting for the update too Edit: Or just use UxStyle Core ("dynamic patch") from Rafael, it's also a good tool and works in almost the same way: http://www.withinwindows.com/2009/06/19/uxstyle-core-beta-bits-now-available/ and it's free lol still beta though (may not work properly on 7 RTM)
  10. Recheck the LAN connection? Or just restart the computer/modem?
  11. AMIRZ

    VTP 9.1

    I'd still prefer Tuneup Utilities (Tuneup Styler) rather than uxtheme patch to enable 3rd party VS, since it will just "patch" the theme in the memory (instead of hacking the binaries). Even though it's a shareware, but still a very worthy app to buy imo. And it will work no matter OS build/minor version number/Service Pack/Update that you're using.
  12. Still waiting for you here bro
  13. AMIRZ

    Oh sorry pardon me, i thought she was your son N1K lol haha. Yea she looks so cute. :) Anyway keep up the great job N1K Wincert is really awesome site, many many thanks :)

  14. AMIRZ

    The new skin looks great! Btw is your son in the pic N1K? He looks so cute :)

  15. Lol at my new pic, very sad hahahahaha wtf

  16. Oh maybe the link is already dead? Maybe you can find it here: http://www.4shared.com/dir/14281223/d52c5ee5/All_Vista_Games_For_Xp.html

  17. AMIRZ


    If i'm not wrong you can also use TweakUI to reconfigure it back
  18. Hey i love the new (darker) skin, thanks N1K good job bro :thumbsup_anim:
  19. Just MS haters, yea "Nobody's perfect"
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