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  1. Bentar lagi Minal Aidin.

    Anyway life must go on... :)

  2. :dribble: OMG $19 for 4 genuine and legal Seven copies = epic offer!
  3. Thanks for the link, yea Google is still our best friend lol :thumbsup_anim:
  4. Wah sya seneng punya temen indon dsini, btw emang nih forum useful bwt yg ska ngutak ngatik kompi hehe

  5. Wah seneng saya ktemu sesama indon disini hehe thanks - Amirz

  6. Do you use Classic? Just change the VS i think
  7. Photoshop is still the best imho :thumbsup_anim:
  8. Dari Indonesia juga ya mas? Salam kenal - Amirz

  9. Marhaban Yaa Ramadhan, i'm still fasting and waiting for 1 Syawal haha :)

  10. Isn't it part of XP Powertoys?
  11. Not much different, it's OK as long as, the mobo is compatible with it?
  12. Yeah 7Lite sounds cool for me :giveheart:
  13. Get "403 forbidden" & can't download it: "This file is neither allocated to a Premium Account, or a Collector's Account, and can therefore only be downloaded 10 times. This limit is reached." WTF???? :confused02: Please fix them thanks
  14. I lol'd! Thanks for posting these pics
  15. ^ Thanks for the info pete69, hope it will be fixed soon Yeah Rick i'm not sure too but actually some Vista users also got the same related issue with IE8 and Windows Sidebar ( Here ) yea i'm on Xp of course hehe. Well after i uninstalled IE8, everything was back to normal as usual. Here are some screenshots from my computer (->Media Player Gadget. Btw Gadget Gallery's search bar doesnt work too): With IE8 (Before uninstalling it-> look at the pink background): With IE7 (After uninstalling IE8-> Normal): As you suggested Rick i've already re-registered and repatched some files (atl.dll, sbdrop.dll, sidebar.exe...) n tried to install and reinstall IE 8 even several times still without any luck so far :sweatingbullets: . Now i'm stuck with IE7... :confused02: Maybe it depends on the system, anyways i'm still researching, could you please help me thanks bro
  16. Hey Rick, after installing IE8 some gadgets don't display correctly (i.e with pink background) the IE8 component doesn't render PNG properly or? Anyway how to fix it? Thanks Bro
  17. :worthy: Yeah really a cool work VG, also can't wait for the Vista version So anybody wants to create XP skin for Seven please?
  18. 7 RC is/must be 100% free of course. Btw there are some online contests to get full genuine Windows 7 RTM legally for free, just google them
  19. Oh 1 more by the way to temen2 Wincert dari Indonesia dan yg kebetulan lagi baca ini abis dari Google hehe: Dirgahayu RI ke 64, semoga Indonesia dan rakyatnya kita semua tambah sukses dan jaya dan jauh dari musibah2 dan kejahatan2 kayak bom, Amin! OK Cya. N slamat puasa juga yach

  20. Agreed hehe oh also old friends = brothers, so thanks Bro very appreciated :)

  21. AMIRZ

    Thanks for the upgrade Bro (final) it looks better now :)

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