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  1. I install my latest iso on oracle virtualbox, and then download windows patch loader and run it and download all and then add them.
  2. You just copied the files from 10 to 7 ? any improvements for speed or anything ? Getting tired of updating a iso and it taking 2 days. Got a octa core but it doesn't even use that.
  3. Hey, I noticed windows 10 preview had a higher version 6.4.9841.0 Any clue what the changes are, and if we can get it on windows 8.1 ?
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  5. This feature would save me so much time! if it works like it should .
  6. Hey, For the first time i am trying to add some drivers. around 400.. never knew just usb, chipset and lan drivers would be so extreme. Extracted the 7z and removed the maps Vista Win8 and Server as i dont think it needs those on a win7 system. So doubt its the drivers i am adding. But when i press Start mounting keeps at 0% i see that imagex is running not sure why imagex and not dism perhaps speed or what not sure. But it stays like this for quite some time until it go's to mount like normal and then it go's on extracting the underscore files etc. And as i do all 4 of a x64 wim file speed makes so much differents. Quick question btw, If i do intergrate video drivers etc, simply unpack all 7zip files for win7 x64 and add them, Would this cause problems, and would the installed windows actually contain all those drivers or just the once it needs ?
  7. I simply apply all languages that i need, then i run Simplix Pack And after that i add .net, as more i don't need right now, though thinking of adding drivers.
  8. Perhaps if you are trying to intergrate updates into a vista iso from vista it wont work. But from windows 8.1 i am able to intergrate into Vista,7,8.1 x64/x86 been doing so for a while now no problem what so ever.
  9. I used windowspatchloader on a fresh install to get all updates. to make sure it worked i slipstreamed them made a iso. installed got the new updates, repeat this step. You would need to download updates 3 times if i recall. And will end up with 2 updates not added, windows defender and another.
  10. Actually.. i run windows 8.1 x64, and a week or 4 ago, I was able to slipstream updates into the vista iso without problem. Still got about 50 updates left, but have not had time to try and get those on it as well. But slipstreaming into vista works just fine..
  11. I slipstreamed windows 8.1 Core,Pro last week. I simply downloaded the language packs i wanted did those first, installed the iso on virtualbox, Then i used windowspatchloader to download all current updates, i slipstreamed those, installed the new iso. Repeated this until i had 3 packs of updates. only had 2 updates left defender and other protection file. Then i made i a .esd file took ages 100% cpu and 100% ram lol.. I also got windows 7 to use .esd saves ton of space .
  12. Hey, I have been successful intergrating language packs into vista 32bit no problems what so ever. But now when i try to do this for vista 64bit, it instantly fails them retry moves them to silent installer. I tried imagex but it gives me a bsod, bad_pool_header when unmounting . Could you perhaps try to locate what is wrong ? iso=en_windows_vista_sp2_x64_dvd_342267.iso language-pack1:lp-nl-nl_5f53001bc973bf44a920ce3b43cb39835ebab820 language-pack2:lp-pl-pl_3aad3b26549d0493cc8f17ec7298d52382a85eb8 Original downloaded as .exe used exe2cab to make it a cab. Been trying different things as vlite what simply gives bsod.. and even bat also bsod. Edit: After checking the dism log, finding nothing.. i noticed a 1 or 2gb file, and a few other pretty big files. Located @ C:\Windows\Logs\DISM After deleting them, it seems to be working. not sure yet, but at least its not failing them instantly. so will report back after this. Perhaps clean that directory except dism.log up after unmounting while still mounted you will be unable to do so. Edit2: Result! got a green one! Will take a hour or 2 for it to complete the 2 language packs into all 4 mounts. But it is looking good. So lego, is it possible to add a extra cleanup option to clean up the dism directory ?
  13. I don't think thats the case, Cause i recall it showing dism.exe *32 And right now it is not doing so. Though for some reason it is using C:\Windows\WinSxS\amd64_microsoft-windows-d..ervicing-management_31bf3856ad364e35_6.3.9600.17031_none_4f9af566e17dbc2c Really not sure why as i assigned a different directory to wintoolkit. Still busy intergrating language packs. for some reason language packs take ages! And i do not see any speed improvement at the least. cpu = 0% over all 8 cores. and hdd is 100% of course not my ssd.. so for me it seems my hdd is the limiting factor . Memory = 34% over all 8gb (full system usage not wintoolkit nor dism) But i think it would be a shame to do this on my ssd.. Edit: Before i forget, I have only tried this on Vista and Windows 7, windows 8 i do not have, i do have 8.1 32/64 But have not yet tried, for XP i don't think it would work. Edit.. Well thats odd language intergration into vista 32 bit worked fine, sp2 btw. But for 64bit sp2 as well it will fail. pretty much instant and add them to silent install.
  14. Hey, As we are talking about speed, i do have a dism.exe in my x64 directory its a bit smaller.. but would it be faster as default wintoolkit picks the 32bit version. Downloading updates again as we speak, for vista though as wintoolkit works perfect for slipstreaming vista, vlite i have to do each mount seperate wintoolkit does not. So will see if it will speed up the progress.. Btw i am so stupid.. my iso has sp2 included so what did i do ? Well.. the updates included sp1 and sp2 of course they failed, and where added to silent install messing up my build Only just noticed now.. So going to retry building without those 2 files . Btw if i disabled auto add to silent install the iso worked but missed a few updates so.. not a big problem just about 50 compared so how many it needed before.. Though wintoolkit does not support the language files to cab, but there is a seperate tool for that. Edit: Found another problem why my mounting etc became slow.. Seems my 1tb hdd is up for replacement.. when downloading updates sudden corruption.. After running a quick repair update downloading went fast and correct. so need to buy a new one .
  15. Probably cause dism at least only uses 1 core. i got a octa core and it takes ages. Though i do run everything from my 1tb hdd not from my ssd. so read/write speed limits it a bit as well.
  16. Wait why reinstall ? make a full hdd copy of a fresh updated version of windows.. keep it. and reuse when needed ? Saves so much time.
  17. It does seem to be unix time, simply convert it to decimal and and you will end up with unix time.
  18. Sorry but are you sure the ultimate one is untouched ? As i recall all modified dates are 2010 not 2014.. If you changed the modified date yourself, then how ?
  19. If i am correct, you you can use virtualbox, to install windows 7, once reached the place where you enter a username, You use shift+ctrl+f3 to enter admin account and skip everything else, Install everything + do the updates you want, after you have done this make sure you enable geniralize or what it was called. And restart, you will get the language option if you got multiple languages installed + the ability to choose username and what not. But do not continue just shutdown, mount the image and commit it to the install.wim This is not a complete guide, have not used it myself fully. but i think he means this. You will end up with a iso with everything you added to the install in virtual box. Though i do not know how it go's about with system specific updates as drivers etc.
  20. This actually seems like a good way to do it, Though, i have 3 languages installed, Public is what it would be in english, But i assume it will fail if i install as dutch. as there its called Openbaar But there is a Default account name, so i will try that see how it works out . For some reason i was under the impression i was only able to make 1 directory and that i could only make it directly under the drive letter.
  21. Hey, It is 2 am, so i might be mistaken, missing some information on the page, But i don't quite think this is what i am looking for. I use serva to install over network, i do actually think it does support this as it does generate a OEM directory, where i place the network drivers. The the plan is, to place installation or information files on the desktop, so the person who is installing the system, is able to choose if the files should be installed or deleted. And some should simply run once on first startup, where SetupComplete.cmd seems to be perfect for, but right now adding SetupComplete.cmd + other files is done by mounting seperatly, but i rather simply do it strait from wintoolbox. Instead mounting it again after finishing running wintoolbox. to actually finish the setup i want. It seems even though i am on a octa core, and ssd, mounting/unmounting etc still takes quite a few hours. Probably cause dism does not seem to be multithreading at all. So even if it saves 5-10 minutes, its enough for me to see it fit to be implented in wintoolkit. Edit: I did however, saved the url for later reviewing.
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  23. Hey, Currently if i need to install or need to put files into a iso i will need to use dism and mount it and copy the files over, But mostly i use wintoolkit for about everything, so would it be possible to have a new tab where i can select files + directory where to put files ? As this would save a ton of time when i need to do 5 different mounts + 4 for 64bit. Sample, placing the SetupComplete.cmd file, Would be nice if i could just select the file and it would be added, + other files i have SetupComplete.cmd set to run or move etc. I have some applications i would love to have in the iso like panda cloud, flash, adobe reader, open office etc. But not pre-installed simply a install so i can choose install it or delete it after i installed windows. Currently i would have to mount it etc, but if wintoolkit can do it whole it has it mounted it would save so much time . Just a request, hope it can be added though. Thanks in advance.
  24. Why yes yes i do. I would assume if i did not, wintoolkit would still not function properly after deleting the temp files. You realize i am not here for support, but making a report about a bug right ? It is currectly working correctly for me, after i deleted the temp files by hand. This has happened on multiple systems for me, so doubt its my pc, and assume its a problem within wintoolkit that might need to be fixed. As normaly you wont directly notice, it are the temp files that are causing wintoolkit to crash. So perhaps more people have had trouble with this without really knowing what was causing it.
  25. I would assume, if i restart my pc.. nothing is holding anything in memory from the wintoolkit temp files. Even after i have restarted my pc, boot wintoolkit and then directly close it, wintoolkit will crash, while failing to remove the temp files it created the session before. And it will keep crashing on closing + on trying to slipstream files into it, unless i clean the temp files myself.
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