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  1. i guess u r hearing about this in internet about a hidden feature called godmode. and it can be enabled by adding a folder in desktop with name GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} i tried this and found that setting here are not new and it contains all settings presented in control panel, i found that it show all setting in a single page. and that code seems to make a short cut to control panel that display all setting in a page, in GodMode.{ED.....} Godmode can be name anything. and this seems to work in vista also. alternatively u can reach this page by putting shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} in "run" and that code seems to create a shortcut only. if you want you can read a bit about it here:
  2. nice guide thanks , i never noticed it before. it also doesnot seem to be hard
  3. will look forward it this holiday ,
  4. my pc is also same ike this i also think monitor to be problem., old computer do not support high resolution.
  5. this seems complicated but i guess can be done with some vbs programming with if , else , goto command.
  6. mona is right logoff/shutdown dialog images are in shell32.dll and msgina.dll as bitmaps. You can replace it with tools like resource hacker or resource tuner or restorator. be sure you turn Windows file protection off , other wise you won't be able to replace windows file.
  7. 16 degree celcious is really warm, temperature here is around 3 , any way MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 TO ALL !
  8. nice tool, i think it is good replacement for notepad++
  9. nice offer, i will give it a try once.
  10. twitter was hacked by some irani hacker group . below is the screenshot of twitter home page: Twitter has been saying it was a redirection of the domain and user
  11. seems impressive, i will give it a test, i was using foxit till now.
  12. It over now, since i am using NOD antivirus i think i don't need this. isn't it .
  13. these animation looks nice, changing animation background to new windows wallpaper will look a nice in my opinion
  14. thanx for comment rick & nik , I checked the chmod but but didnot know which permission to put . I think it is messed up after using WP-security plugin.
  15. when ever i try to upload theme,images or any other media from wordpress i get this error any help will be appreciated. thanx
  16. i think i can help you guyz, can i know what are the thing to be done ?
  17. happy Halloween from to all wincert members from "zombie wth Guitar " ,
  18. has any 1 tried porting 7 sidebar ?ie7 and higher only support png transparency this might be the reason it is not transparent in older browser. and i think sidebar is depended upon ie to run
  19. i have finally finished my new smf theme named ( enhanced blue) . it have all new famfamfam icons and it is fully working in smf. I have also edited some icons to use it in smf. it look like this : this theme is being used here. I was thinking it making publicly available but the original author didnot allow me to do so, so released just icons you can get it here. If you need this theme you can contact me i will give this theme to you for free.
  20. i need some help i making custom xp cd.. I have xp sp2 cd ( unmodified ) . i am thinking of integrating sp3 on it with ie8 & wmp11 and make a new cd . will this create any problem ? and till now i haven't made any bootable cd.. need help on this too. thanks.
  21. in my opinion i think download speed of bittorent is a bit faster than utorent.
  22. hi guyz i am currently making a new smf v2 theme. Since i am a bit new to smf i need some help in editing css . I have already made new graphics & replaced old icons with new icons. If some one is interested please reply me. so far it is finished around 70% , it's demo is available here : smf.66ghz.com
  23. pri2sh

    Hello all

    welcome to wincert, i hope you will have great time.
  24. i have a question on .info domain . it's price is less than 1$ in godaddy for 1st year. does any 1 know it's price after 1st year ?
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