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Error: To commit Image?!


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Tool Name: All-In-One Integrator ( (Windows 7 ULTIMATE)

Image Name: Windows 7 ULTIMATE

Argument: /Unmount "C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount" /commit

WIM File: C:\Windows_7_x64_DVD_Ultimate_rawDSK\SOURCES\install.wim

Mount Logging: True

Drive Type: Fixed

Free Space: 352.89 GB

IsReady: True

File Exists: True

Directory Exists: True


Directories: *C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount\Program Files *C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount\Windows

Setting taskbar Progress

Setting taskbar Colour

Dumping Registry

Detecting cause of error #1

Detecting cause of error #2

Detecting cause of error #3

Detecting cause of error #4

ImageX Tool for Windows

Copyright © Microsoft Corp. All rights reserved.

Version: 6.1.7601.21716

Committing: [C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount]...

Unmount Error: Did not find an image mounted to [C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount].



352.89 GB




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After a new test, I see that the folders "WinToolkit_Temp\Mount" are created now using WinToolkit !

When the image is successfully commited the temp folder "Mount" is removed and all works fine. And when we exit WinToolkit the temp folder "WinToolkit_Temp" is removed.

It seems the trouble is the "Mount" folder wasn't empty in this case.

Here is my result test (Logs\Mount Logs):

[4452] [ INFO ] Mounting new image.
Wim: [C:\Win7_SP1\sources\install.wim]
Image Index: [5]
Mount Path: [C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount]
[4452] [ INFO ] Wimserv process started for guid e433dace-d32e-46a6-97bd-5c87907a0ad7. Id is 4852
[4852] [ INFO ] ImageUnmarshallHandle: Reconstituting wim at C:\Win7_SP1\sources\install.wim.
[4852] [ INFO ] Mounted image at C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount.
[4852] [ INFO ] Received unmount request for image with guid e433dace-d32e-46a6-97bd-5c87907a0ad7.
[4852] [ INFO ] Unmount for image at C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount complete.


You can try to do like this:

Exit WinToolkit

Browse to the folder WinToolkit_Temp\Mount if exists

Select the folder and use on your keyboard "Shift + Del" to remove this one

Go to the registry and look at this key:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WIMMount\Mounted Images

Remove this key

Try again to launch WinToolkit and the temp folders will be created a new time.

Edited by myselfidem
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