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AIO Integrator ( - Options: Enable CMD


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Hello guys!

First I wanna say that this tool is very intuitive. I'm loving. I had some problems but I got everything what I need reading these forums.

Except for one thing, inside Wintoolkit 1.40 > All-In-One Integrator in Options > Addons.

What "Enable CMD" really is?

1) Is something to do with "OpenCMD Shell Addon from Reaper"?

2) Or is it something related to "use this option if you need Command Prompt support while installing SFX silent installers or batches" ?

Thanks in advance.

PS: Check screenshot for details.


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The 'Enable CMD' option turns on the 'Command Tab' found in the AddOn Maker tool of Win Toolkit 1.4 and 1.5.

These are commands which are opened during integration. An example would be...

"DISM.exe /Image:%WIM% /Disable-feature /FeatureName:WindowsMediaPlayer /Featurename:MediaCenter"

%WIM% - This will be translated into the default mount folder during integration (C:\WinToolkit_Temp\Mount\) as some people change their Win Toolkit Temp folder so its best to use the enviroment variable %WIM%.
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L0L... As a practice I always look under the hood to see whats in there. I remember a time when I a cut and paste a script I found on the net without giving much thought to what commands it may contain, thinking tthat it it was from a trusted source I ran the script without skipping a beat.Instead of helping me fix the problem it screwed my webserver and I lost all my data. Never again shall I be so careless.

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