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[Updated] ViStart 2.0 (build 3468)

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ViStart 2.0 (build 3468) created by Lee Mathew Chantrey & Windows X

tabdownload.png (English, Español)


Size: 312 KB

Website: http://lee-soft.com/

Download Skins: http://lee-soft.com/forums/index.php?board=5.0



- Updated v2.0 (build 3468)

- Added support for Español (Spanish)


- Updated BETA 6 Build 3167


- Updated Build 2721


- Updated Build 2661


- Added "Recent Arrow" Fix by Staeff


- Updated Build 2502

- Moved program from "%ProgramFiles%\Utilities\Vistart" to "%ProgramFiles%\Vistart"


- Updated Build 2489

- Removed Startup shortcut, does not startup on 1st login (use the program's options to set it to start up)


- Updated Beta 5 (no more splashscreen)

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Gr8 addon, thanks for making it .i agree what Mr.lee did with the odd start up pop up , what jordey did was wrong !.

looking forward for the final build from Mr.lee and hoping that you will make an addon of the final too

Thank you

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Ask questions over at JCXP... ViStart is bundled with Vista Transformation Pack and most people ask problems about it either in the Windows X's Shrine forum or the VTP7 forum.

But anyway, this is way better than VSE.

Btw, I'll release an XML file for changing Videos to Games instead, Windows X says "games" is useless... and my current ViStart XML file is probably outdated by now...

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there seems to be a problem when adding shortcuts to "All Programs"with winrar ,if i make a shorcut via the comment section of the sfx,the shortcut will only be visible with the normal startbutton,if i enable the vistart program,the shortcuts arent there.(this is true only when addign a shortcut to a folder that is alredy there,if the shortcut that i add creates a new "root"folder

then it will work.)ie:i cannot add a program shortcut to 'accessories' folder because it is allredy exsistant,but if i create a new folder in the list it will work.its very strange..i dont know if it would have anything to do with the "save path" line in an rar sfx comment...

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well thats odd....

ill try to install this addon at runonce after all my sfx's have ran and see .cuz a while ago on an other pc ,i manualy installed this addon on a live install,so maybe thats why it worked...and why i thaught there was a change of versions in the coding.

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