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[Updated] ViStart 2.0 (build 3468)

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A trick to stop the WindowBlind + Vistart 2661 problem

When you have ViStart and WindowBlinds you would have to click 3 times for the ViStart menu to appear. (If I remember correctly, build 2502 did not have this issue).

How to solve it: I found that ViStart will be more responsive if you add it to ignore list of WB6. Option "Ignore this application and do not skin it" it is under advanced options in settings.

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How much does this slow down your computer, well I mean how does it work, a new process ? someone please explain

Also do you know if everything still looks alright with a higher dpi setting 115 ?


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Sure whenever I find a english setting.xml I will

ricks the new version of vistart doesn't contain settings.xml just the exe file does have all the ressources also most used languages.

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