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LiveCD + usual install in single disk, possible ?


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First off, hello to everyone ! I joined a while back, but this is a first time i really need help since googling this problem hasn't worked out for me yet.


As the title says, is it possible to integrate a custom/normal install and a live cd ? My goal is to create a bootable DVD that offers options for running customized installation Windows 7 (modified with Win Toolkit) or LiveCD (Windows 7 or XP is ok) on boot menu.


Any help is appreciated.

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Sorry for the late response.


Thank you for the insight, i will try this approcach. I did found a tutorial on making a livecd version but it had described copying winpe.wim in place of install.wim, excluding possibility of multiple images. Currently, my Autounatted.xml also sets default image to be used, so all unattended operations will have to be moved into wim used for normal install. There's an answer to this just over the horizon, i just need time to dig it out. :)

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