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[Request] Got any "OLD" PC Parts?


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Wanna say thank you so much to all you guys who have been so cool and donated hardware, I think I got almost everything.

Heres what I got so far and I think my PC will look like

What I have:
- ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard
- 512 MB of DDR 400 Mhz RAM (could use some more tho)
- Unknown AMD cpu
- Generic GeForce 6200 video card
- Lite-on PATA cd-rw/dvd-rom
- WD 36GB Raptor drive
- Unknown 80 GB Hard Drive
- MS Laser Mouse 6000 v1.0
- WinTV PVR 150

Not bad huh (Thanks Guys), BTW if any of you have it laying around I could still use:

Could use:
- Router (doesn't need to be WiFi)
- Ram (DDR400 MHz)

I want to give thanks to the following ppl who have donated their parts (Thank! You)

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Wanna thank r00tfile for this killer donation... I almost have everyting

1. ASUS A8N-SLI Motherboard, no ram, unknown AMD cpu + manual + driver disk
2. Generic GeForce 6200 video card
3. Lite-on PATA cd-rw/dvd-rom
4. Assorted sata, monitor, pata and usb cables.
5. WD 36GB Raptor drive
6. MS Laser Mouse 6000 v1.0
6. Hawking usb network adaptor (sorry no switches)

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Once again Kel saves the day, he sent 512 MB of ram that I needed so desperately and a PCI grafix card I may use to upgrade this current integrated one I am using (my m8 N1K also sent 512 of ram, I hope its not lost in my countries crappy mail service)

And it seems that r00tfile's parts he sent made it to LA (only confirmed by the tracking code)

Almost got er done, thanks so much guys...

Off Topic: Now the wait to get the parts from Louisiana to Central America (I hope its not a long one :P)

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OMG yes plz...I have 2 PC's but only one is connected to the internet :rolleyes:

Let me look for it it. It is a Netgear FS318, I think. It was an excellent firewall\router when I bought many years ago. I only stopped using when I went wireless in the house. PM me the details of how to get it to you.

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So my computer died last night R.I.P(ieces), fortunately I have a backup Qosmio G35-AV600 that I used mainly for testing/dual booting XP and Vista

I was wondering if any of you guys had a similar Qosmio computer that was in disrepair that I could cannibalize for spare parts?

Some of the keyboard keys dont work anymore like Left SHIFT, A, B & N...The LCD screen looks like its about to crap out because it has like 8 colored vertical lines and the number seems to be rising, problem I am temporarily solving by using a external monitor (when it was used only as test PC I solved these problems by using RDP from my good PC and OSK)

So if anybody has a spare Qosmio compatible laptop keyboard or 17 inch LCD (or ANYTHING!!!) plz help

Edit: added scr shot


I h8 to bother you guys 4 help

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it might be easier to replace parts of the dead desktop rather than getting parts for the laptop.

any indication what might be the cause? unless something severe happened, some parts might be salvageable

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Actually its my room htpc/laptop (2d hand refurbished vaio), I used as tv/pvr suddenly stopped working (I am not alone)

Sony wants 99 bucks to fix and a new mobo is 200 (cant do either) so I am trying to fix my qosmio...I can transfer the ram & hdd's, I tried the lcd but it was incompatible, I dont want to take the 24' but it looks like I may have to + use a external keyboard

Would build a htpc but dont really have the parts, maybe next year

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