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NIM has allowed attachments in this forum. Thanks NIM. Can someone confirm that it's working?

YES, Sir!


Attachment works, but there are NO PERMISSION to read/download it :ranting:!

Or only you have that permission.


Edit: Picture is only a test.





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Strange bottom behabiour...


At start it looks like in pic1 and pic2 - notice the white line


Go to Options don't change anything, close the Options, see pic3 - notice the black line and no scroll bar on right (the scroll shuldn't be there from the first start as it's the default setting to adjust hight, isn't it?)


After playing with settings in Options see pic4 - notice the a little duplication in the bottom where the white and black lines was before.


As I see the attached pictures aren't visible you can fiind the pics here http://www.datafilehost.com/d/ff134ec2





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Hi, Thiersee

The attached files are images and are visible at the time of writing the post when use "Preview Post" button but as you can see the images are not visible in the final post.

A few days ago the attachments wasn't available in this thread, now it is available but seems not all functions work.

Maybe NIM should have a look and fix this.

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