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silent installs are ignored


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All the updates seem to be integrating OK, as Windows Update finds very few updates.


BUT, all but one silent install is being skipped. Not even put into WinToolkit_Apps folder. 


I've seen this question asked several times in other threads but no one is answering, thus a thread clearly markets with the issue.





from the presets file:


#Silent Installs
nVidia::-n -s;YES;436.79 MB;D:\Dell1520\Drivers\nVidia\setup.exe;Always Installed
Synaptics Touchpad::/Q;YES;775.47 KB;D:\Dell1520\Drivers\Synaptics\dpinst.exe;Always Installed
IntelPROSetWireless::/quiet /norestart;NO;69.21 MB;D:\Dell1520\Drivers\IntelWiFi\IntelPROSetWireless.msi;Always Installed
Anti-virus Microsoft Security Essentials::/s /runwgacheck;NO;10.72 MB;D:\Dell1520\Drivers\MSSecurityEssentials\mseinstall.exe;Always Installed
Windows Experience Updater::formal;NO;3.21 MB;D:\Dell1520\Drivers\WinSAT.exe;Always Installed
(only winsat.exe makes it to WinToolkit_Apps folder)
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thanks for checking in on this!


Ah, a funny goof caused the files to not be copied on just the one build i looked at. It IS copying the files to the DVD build.


Is there some additional setting or something I need to do in order for the included additional apps to actually be installed? 

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Should do everything automatically. If you want to add more, just run AIO Integrator again. If, however you need to update an installer. Just replace and overwrite the one already copied.


Just make sure the DVD/USB stays in until you see the desktop!


I am curious as to what the 'goof' was :P

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