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[Solved + Merged] Silent Installer Issues


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I know this thread has been marked and solved but all my testing says the general issue of SFX/Silent Installers is not. I have done about 8 integrations and I have not been able to get one single one to complete without errors. Basically I have about 20 silent installers and I can't them to all install properly. I just did one with v10 again and it worked the 1st time I tried.

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I can confirm that in version 17 unless the installers are already made silent, with other software like SFXMaker 1.3, the installers won't run during first logon. Fortunately for me I made all the installers switchless, however the .msu's weren't, so those .msu's weren't installed.

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Do you want the hive from a working image done with v10 or a failed image created with v17 or both?

Is it possible for me to go into the registry of the image and make a change to a particular entry like adding/deleting a switch, correcting a type or even adding an entire new entry? Will the image and the toolkit still work?

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Attached. I found two directories named WinToolkit in the hives mounted, I've loaded them both (they're the same regarding silent installers however). Still awaiting your confirmation that this is what you wanted, I think 99% it is. :)

LE: Once again, my problem is that only the first .msu (no. 13 from that list) is installed, the other four (14-17) are not. :( As you can see all my silent installers are already made silent before adding them to WinToolkit, however from what I've read here other are having issues with installers that are made silent with switches in your app.



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Thanks, ill have a look now. Just to confirm... silent installers work fine but anything else doesn't? Or is the problem just with MSU files?

Also no one has described what actually happens, does it skip the install? is the install not silent? any error messages?

EDIT: After the install there should be a '"WinKit_RunOnceLog.txt' in the System32 folder.

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Uploaded that one also.

The thing that happens is that all those .msu pathes are showing up in the RunOnce interface, but on fastforward - in a matter of 1-2 seconds all. So clearly they're not beeing installed. It's a weird issue, hope you'll figure it out soon :)

LE: And yes, silent installers are installing just fine, but keep in mind I made them silent BEFORE adding them in WinToolkit, and NOT by switches through WinToolkit.


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Welcome back :-)

At this point it's been awhile because I have been using v10 for all the SFX and v16 for most everything else so to give you good details I will need to run new a integration with 17. I will try and get to it today or would you prefer me to try it with v18?

Thanks, ill have a look now. Just to confirm... silent installers work fine but anything else doesn't? Or is the problem just with MSU files?

Also no one has described what actually happens, does it skip the install? is the install not silent? any error messages?

EDIT: After the install there should be a '"WinKit_RunOnceLog.txt' in the System32 folder.

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OK I am finishing tests with my other items and once I can confirm all is OK I will use v18 and give you some results

Might as well try 18 if you haven't started the process yet, however when it comes to SFX it won't make a difference. Thanks :)

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Rica... I think your right... I just looked at the list and failures and I think the MSU's that WinToolKIt handled all failed but the installers I or others created ran

Just out of curiosity: those installers made silent by switches through WinToolkit... were they installed, or skipped? Thanks :)

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@compstuff Think you've got me wrong - I didn't mean those installers that were made silent (with let's say SFXMaker) prior to adding them to WinToolkit, I meant those that needed a silent switch / syntax, and you have to introduce that switch manually in WinToolkit, as Lego mentioned at no. 3. For me, the answers are:

1. YES;

2. NO;

3. Don't know, don't have any. But compstuff does, as I see from that list posted (mscodecpack, mbam etc). Curious for the answer :)

LE: For oguz the answer to 3 is NO, as I can see here.

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I thought I attached this last night but I was so tired I skipped it... it is actually the first error I see during the install timing and I do not have this with v10... every item in my list runs perfectly in v10


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      I'll try to do that myself but if anyone tried this before, I'll be glad to hear some feedback
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