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[Solved + Merged] Silent Installer Issues


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v21 may help.

EDIT: I've also noticed that most of you have everything set as 'Always Install' try having some files with that box unticked. In v21, make sure that 'Force Install' is unticked for some of the SFX/MSU/EXE files for testing :)

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v14021 first run:

Wintookit prepared the Installsource as always. After finishing the Prompt for Silent installs shows 3 Files,

first kb 23......, second Visualc++.exe, third directX.exe.

Installation went without problems. Wintoolkitlog shows only Kb23.... as installed.

No registry entry about Wintoolkit under HKLM\software.

v14021 second run:

Same preset and processing. Only the silent installs for both .exe were renewed with unticked boxes,

following your adwise.

Installation without any prompt.

Wintoolkit shows only kb23..... as installed. No registry entry.

So the Bug is always existent.

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I am worried about developments.

Silent and msi installer problems in v12 do not decrease but increase in every new version.

I hope silent and msi installer problems that emerge in every new version would be eliminated and the stability of old versions would be maintained.

Unfortunately, there is no better new version than v12 that works without problems.

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I am uploading my APPS to the server I gave you before... it will take a little while but I will let you know when it's done

I will run a full test with the new version and give you a current 'HKLM\\WinToolkit'

EDIT: The APPS are uploaded I am running an integration now and will add the last reg file and anything else you want when done... I delete the install and images due to space limitations on this laptop so please let me know anything you may want before I delete stuff

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OK... hrs what I did:

The APPS folder I used is the same folder I just did 2 working integrations from yesterday with v10

The APPS.ini is the same one I used with the v10 above

I integrated all my updates using v20 last night so the source is good

I took the updated image made last night and just did a 2nd step with the APPS and ToolKit ver test1

If you use my APPS to test then please put the $OEM$ folder(on server) in the source folder or some APPS will fail

I have NOT run the install yet so I don't know the results but I have attached the 'HKLM\WIM_Software\WinToolkit' REG

EDIT: Didn't take long for me to run the install test using the new ISO because no installers ran at all


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That's the best news I have had all WEEK :beerchug:

OMG I'm so stupid, compstuff with your upload i managed to replicate the issue and fix it!

My test went from installing 1 of 1 :KBxxxx to installing 1 of 31 :D

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@ lego


With vtest2 it is the same as v14017. During the setup screen "preparing Desktop" the screen changed to "Winkit installer" processing 3/3 directX.

All 3 Silent installers are listed in Wintoolkitlog, all files are at there place. :prop:

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