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[Solved + Merged] Silent Installer Issues


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I just completed a new integration using the testV2 and all the installers I sent you earlier today worked... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! It worked perfectly and on top of that I passed a clean MSU and KOMM's KUC... I will have a beer for you :-) THANKS!!!

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Everything working fine now. Test v2 working perfect! All silent and msi installers are installed :punk:

Thanx for big fix :prop:

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I created my bootable Win 7 USB using Win Toolkit. Win 7 was installed correctly along with all the addons, though some of the tweaking didn't appear after the installation - like Move to, Copy to options in the context explorer.

But none of the silent installers were installed. I tried each of the installer myself with various switches using the CMD prompt and everything was working fine but when I created a image with Win Toolkit along with the addons and silent installer nothing got installed after windows installation. Even the silent installers provided in this forum for Flash Player, Java Runtime environment didn't install.

The silent installers I added were:

#Silent Installs

Reapers.Java.Runtime.AIO.;NO;27.05 MB;E:\C Bck Win 7 4 June Downloads\Add Ons for x64\Silent Installer\Reapers.Java.Runtime.AIO.;Always Installed

Reapers.Adobe.Flash.Player.AIO.;NO;17.85 MB;E:\C Bck Win 7 4 June Downloads\Add Ons for x64\Silent Installer\Reapers.Adobe.Flash.Player.AIO.;Always Installed

Reapers_Adobe_Shockwave_Player_11.6.4.634::;NO;9.25 MB;E:\C Bck Win 7 4 June Downloads\Add Ons for x64\Silent Installer\Reapers_Adobe_Shockwave_Player_11.6.4.634.exe;Always Installed

7z465-x64::/qb;NO;1.17 MB;F:\Mandate Software\64 Bit\7z465-x64.msi;Always Installed

Driver Magician 3.68::/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;3.98 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Driver Magician Backup Software\Driver Magician 3.68.exe;Always Installed

epm::/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;11.22 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Easus Partition Manager Good\epm.exe;Always Installed

icaredrs::/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;3.49 MB;F:\Mandate Software\iCare Data Recovery\icaredrs.exe;Always Installed

mbam-setup- /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;9.60 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Malwarebytes Anti Malware\mbam-setup-;Always Installed

teracopy::/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;2.81 MB;F:\Mandate Software\TeraCopy.Pro.2.27.Full eracopy.exe;Always Installed

uiso9_pe::/VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP-;NO;3.23 MB;F:\Mandate Software\UltraISO_Premium_Edition_v9.0\uiso9_pe.exe;Always Installed

winrar-x64-42b1::/S;NO;1.57 MB;F:\Mandate Software\WinRAR 4.2\winrar-x64-42b1.exe;Always Installed

wwp5::/S;NO;8.98 MB;F:\Mandate Software\WordwebPro.5.52\wwp5.exe;Always Installed

googletalk-setup::/S;NO;1.53 MB;F:\Mandate Software\googletalk-setup.exe;Always Installed

mp3tagv251setup::/S;NO;3.05 MB;F:\Mandate Software\mp3tagv251setup.exe;Always Installed

npp.5.8.6.Installer::/S;NO;4.39 MB;F:\Mandate Software\npp.5.8.6.Installer.exe;Always Installed

vlc-2.0.1-win32::/S;NO;21.23 MB;F:\Mandate Software\vlc-2.0.1-win32.exe;Always Installed

winamp5621_full_emusic-7plus_all::/S;NO;15.77 MB;F:\Mandate Software\winamp5621_full_emusic-7plus_all.exe;Always Installed

AppleApplicationSupport::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;19.45 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\AppleApplicationSupport.msi;Always Installed

AppleMobileDeviceSupport64::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;10.59 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi;Always Installed

AppleSoftwareUpdate::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;2.22 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi;Always Installed

iTunes64::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;46.85 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\iTunes64.msi;Always Installed

SetupAdmin::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;71.86 KB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\SetupAdmin.exe;Always Installed

QuickTime::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;25.58 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\QuickTime.msi;Always Installed

QuickTimeInstallerAdmin::/quiet /passive /norestart;NO;77.87 KB;F:\Mandate Software\Apple\Apple Installers\QuickTimeInstallerAdmin.exe;Always Installed

AcroRead::/qb;YES;119.41 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Adobe Reader X 10.1.3\AdbeRdr1013_en_US\AcroRead.msi;Always Installed

SkypeSetupFull::/VERYSILENT /SP-;NO;23.68 MB;F:\Mandate Software\SkypeSetupFull.exe;Always Installed

setup::/S;YES;4.62 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Dell Drivers\Ricoh Card Reader\setup.exe;Always Installed

Setup::/S;YES;89.29 KB;F:\Mandate Software\Dell Drivers\Touchpad\Setup.exe;Always Installed

Setup::/S;YES;858.54 KB;F:\Mandate Software\Dell Drivers\R205174_370_Bluetooth\V6600_62\Setup.exe;Always Installed

Quickset::/quiet /passive /norestart;YES;3.58 MB;F:\Mandate Software\Dell Drivers\Dell_QuickSet_A02_R196548_64BIT\Quickset.msi;Always Installed

Also the display of the Win Toolkit in my system is not complete. Few of the options are hidden.

I am attaching the screenshots and few configuration files for debugging.

Please help me out in creating this bootable USB pendrive.

If you need any further details then let me know.

Attaching the screenshot of the contents of USB also.

Configuration Files.zip

Win Toolkit Images.zip

USB Contents.zip

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I can't check fully right now, but everything like registry entries seem fine and then Apps seem fine. Quick question though? What DPI settings is your computer set at?

I am not sure what you mean by DPI. If it means resolution then it is 1920 X 1200.

Hey Legolash - Any update on this issue?

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