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[Addon] Kels Runtimes 7.8.4

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Hello! I have a question. Maybe it was already answered but I didn't find it...

How this pack could be installed on a working installed Windows (Non integrating in the source CD)??

I tried right clicking on "Runtimes.inf", after unpacking in a folder, and choosing Install.

Then I select "Runtimes.CAB" when it ask for i386.

This way works but the stuff in asms don't seems to be installed.

Sorry I'm a bit noob. And sorry for my poor english.

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Required Software:

o Windows Installer 3.0 Windows Installer 3.1 or later is recommended. <---- This MUST be integrated!!! (It is a part of Ryans pack and SP3)

You are most likely missing the Windows Installer.

A pic of the contents of Visual Studio 2005 sp1

Yes, I already intergrate latest windows installer to my XP. I doesn't know what cause this error. This error never when i use the prev version of this addon.

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Windows uses the asms folder during setup because those files go in randonly created folders inside the winsxs folder and registers fron there.

SO this pack only partially installs by doing it that way. You need to integrate it for full funtionality.

Thank you for your reply Kels :)

You post is very clear.

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Hi Kel. I still having problem installing Nero. Msg Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 required still appear. can u check your add on.thanks

Are you using a modified version of nero8?

Did you try to install the ACTAULL version of visual C++ 2005 that I linked you to in an earlier post?

I am using nero 8 lite and it installs just fine everytime.

You HAVE TO provide me with more info instead of just constantly assuming it's my pack.

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Sorry Kels for the late reply.

I still having the same problem. Seems like your addon not installed. I can't install my Nero 8. The same msg appear regarding missing Visual c++ 2005 sp1. How can I check either this addon installed or not?

My Nero successfully install after after I install Visual C++ 2005 SP1 manually.

I'm using windows XP and Nero 8 English. I just make my switchless nero. same problem also on normal installation.

This is my integration list in order

RyanVM Update Pack

slipstremed WMP11 with booggy slipstreamer

Kels Runtime

Slipstreamed driver using BASE.

Please help

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I just ran a test with a fresh XP SP2 With no updates or addons.

Then I installed Windows Installer 3.1 v2 like it says is required and installed the Full nero With ALL option selected even the stoopid ask toolbar!

There was no damn problem or prompt for Visual C++ 2005 SP1 AT ALL.

I don't know what warez version or hacked micro\lite version of nero you are using but this is bull**** all of my time you have wasted.

Plus I use nero lite from msfn and have never had a problem and I know a couple of people that use the nero micro without any of your issues.

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Ok after further investigation XP sp2 and SP3 include NEWER files than the current dowlnload of vbrun6 so unless you are using win2000 then there is no need to add them.

IF you are using win2000 then I will make a seperate pack for you.

If you have a newer version than September 2007, that would be great!

I tried to apply a hotfix to solve a 'topform' problem with VB6 on IE7 to my W2003 version from 2005, but the MS patch (from September, 2007) throws a parameter error and doesn't complete. Microsoft support wants $99 for email support, but crap, isn't it their problem, why must I pay?

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Is it possible for a program to require an earlier version of C++ runtimes?

I use your runtime pack v4.1, I installed a program (Sibelious 5) it's a music program used to write sheet music and such. It installed Visual C++ 2005 redist.

Also, I'm not sure what installed it, but Windows Media Player 11 Runtimes were installed as well.

I'm running SP3 final. Windows Media Player 11, Internet Explorer 7 and all updates for both are integrated.

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