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[Addon] Kels Runtimes 7.8.4

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Hi again Kel

I don't know about these VC++ Runtime issues... I installed AutoItRecorder after installing AutoIt (I forgot the standalone SciTe had the better recorder separately and it seems AutoItRecorder placed an exe in the start menu instead of a shortcut. Until I realised it, I kept getting errors when starting it "msvcp71d.dll" (or something like that) is missing. Of course, all 7.1d dlls are missing. It seems they are updates to the VC++ 2003 Runtime (newer dlls). I started the program from where it installed and it worked because the dlls were there with the executable. Problem is, maybe I just figured out why the two who posted here have had problems with software needing "VC++ 2005 SP1 runtimes" even though your pack was installed. Maybe they are wrong and it was 2003 version of the runtime. I checked out MS website and there's no pack for those runtimes, each application has to take care of copying them to a handy location. Now, would you be nice and add those if they are newer ? Maybe that will solve people's issues. I've only found the files on dll download websites.

Now the more important reason I'm posting: could you tell me how to slim down the pack to be suitable for installing on Windows XP Service Pack 3 Professional ? As you said, many runtimes are already included with the OS.

Thank you

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Brunetu, make that "many OBSOLETE runtimes are already included".

The point of the pack is to make a more complete runtime installation AND to create a more UP TO DATE installation.

I don't mind that, I'd just want to be able to remove some of the dlls, the pack has gotten quite big :P. Anyway, my XP USB install is almost exactly 1GB but smaller so it still fits. I was just asking because I saw that Kel answered to someone that he would make a smaller pack available for XP, maybe not public or not here. I don't think a separate pack for XP would bother anyone.

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hi brunetu! i'm not sure exactly what you meant by slimmed pack (like which contents would be retained or taken out) ... but you could try checking this 1 out: [Release] Microsoft Runtime Libraries 1.4.8 (32-bit) by code65536 ... although this was last edited by the maker on Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:51 am. as it stands, kel's work has all these & then some. :P there's another one that you might want take a look at too: RogueSpear's Runtime Collection thanks!

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I was refering to removing dlls that are already included in XP SP3 Pro which I don't need because the pack has gotten quite large already, so I guess one can say slimmed down :P Thanks for directions, I'll check them out, but I think I'm going to stick with Kel's pack, I trust his work. Thing is, I haven't done inf installers and it would be hard for me to tell which lines I have to remove.

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hi kel! hope you don't mind if i move over our conversation here. maybe other readers could pick something from this.

... .cats actually exist in a couple of the asms folders.

FIX you ask?

Remove the asms folder from my runtimes and manually drop it into the I386 folder.

:D i'll do that ... but doesn't i386 already have an asms directory? although looking at the asms in your cab, these are labeled 80-90. thanks kel! ... when i used Kels_Runtimes_addon_v2.6.6.CAB (this also had an asms directory: 80), it worked ...
hi kel! checking on asms directory, i believe it could accommodate the new sub directories from your runtime (since the ones i see are labeled 60, 70 then skips to 1000). however, if i enabled asms compression via nLite, would this have any effect on successfully putting the 80 & 90 subs? thanks!

edit: just checked on the result of integration ... i think pretty much it was handled successfully since i now see asms sub-directories 60, 70, 80, 90. isn't this a good indicator? ;) thanks again.

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