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[Addon] Kels Runtimes 7.8.4

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NEWBIE HERE lol! when using nlite do i insert the runtime addon into the hotfixs, addons, & update packs scrren or into the drivers screen & also not to get off subject but does anyone in this forum do or know where to get sports themes? thanks guys, this forum freakin rocks bigtime!

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i figured it out, da! man do i feel like an idiot! lol

1 more question about this addon pack, i've read alot of tutorials saying to remove the .net framework during nlite, will this addon pack kinda work like .net framework but better? (other tutorials say not to remove ,net framework)

thanks to all!

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Hi Kel, those who are using some progies reports that they need a msdia80.dll in commonfiles\msshared\vc.

Given that some Chinese programmers are not resposible enough and always releases "beta" ver, and the progie they made will automatically send feedbacks, thus in order to run these programs they need this "debug Information Accessor" dll.

so can you add this in to your pack?

it is in


and original file name:


another: a bug in your inf

vcc90.copy = 16427,"Microsoft Shared","VC"

should be

vcc90.copy = 16427,"Microsoft Shared\VC"

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