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[Addon] Kels Runtimes 7.8.4

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Hi Kel,

I used your CPL, RunTimes and the Lite Pack for a custom XP Pro SP3. Version 5.6 of your AddOn. Meantime, I'm capturing installations and that's hard work on my old PC in a VMWare. During installation of Ulead VideoStudio 11.5 Plus, Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Runtimes get installed (it's installer isn't just started and skipped, they really get installed, I can watch the progress bar).

Problem is, I am using WPI (mritter is working on it apparently at this time) to be able to choose apps during installations, and they will be all captured installations. So, when installing in real life, it has to be exactly as it was in the Virtual Machine (I mean dependencies like VC++ runtimes have to have the same IDs in the registry etc) for every application. I'm capturing installations always in an installed environment with the custom windows, and your pack.

Question is, if I rebuild using your new Runtimes addon version 5.8 (which is tedious on this machine), do I have good chances of not having this happening ? You said earlier that some installers do things like that, automatically, install something when it's already installed and I agree. But maybe it's not the installers, someone else had the same problem installing Nero it seems. I know, nero works, and VC++ SP1 is installed but I'm not doing anything to the VideoStudio installer, it's the original..

After some thought.. I'm anyway going to include the new addon pack and I have to capture installations on an identical environment so I anyway have to rebuild the OS setup and I'll see if it makes any difference. But, any idea how to bypass VC getting installed anyway ?

Thank you for all your hard work

I'll be back

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hi kel! would it be safe to use Kels Runtimes 6 & code's Microsoft Runtime Libraries 1.4.8 (32-bit) at the same time? would these not conflict? or would 1 overwrite the other? my apologies but code65536 is perhaps either on resting mode or hectic schedule to be able to update his pack. his post about his runtime was still last july. thanks!

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