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[Addon] Kels Runtimes 7.8.4

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Guest hairbawl87

Think it's ok to install on a pre-exiting OS? In other words I just extracted it, renamed the "runtimes" folder to i386 and right-clicked the ini to install.

That works right :unsure:

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Not quite sure I understand you correctly...

nLite needs the .net framework runtimes. Those ARE NOT included in this pack.

.net is a real pain in the a$$ to make addons of. There is a good one (.Net addon) over at Ryans though...


Kel ,thanks feedback,

do you meant this one

http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4571, That link doesnt work.

and I confirmed dotnet environments has been installed.

I meant these VC runtimes(msvcr90.dll,Microsoft.VC90.CRT.manifest,msvcm90.dll,msvcp90.dll),

If I leave out thses files from installation folder, nLite wont work.

so I think How can I make nlite working use your runtimes instead of those.

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thats is.. i have a problem for my unattended XP with NLite


i make new UnAtteneded XP with NLite

after... i want play a game (portable game)

want from me.. this DLL file..

how can i delete from ISO with my XP ?

do u have a think about it ?

thanks buddy

ur works My Hands

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If I got it correctly, and you want to remove a file from the ISO, then unzip it with 7-zip or Universal Extractor (both freeware), delete the file(s), repack in nLite (compile an ISO). But I'm not sure if there's no dependence, that would mean the installer would generate an error.

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