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Win Toolkit v1.5.3.x + Known Bugs


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The final version of the v1.x series has been released. My university degree depends on v2.x being successful, so I will be putting all my effort into that.


Bug Fixes

The only future releases of v1.x will just contain bug fixes. 



The request forum has already been closed.


Known Bugs

  • 1.5.3.x - Update Catalog has many invalid index errors

This is due to bad multi-threading. It essentially needs reprogramming.



*^FIX: Fixed DISM error on Driver Installer and Update Installer
*^FIX: Fixed error on WIM Manager > ISO Maker
*^FIX: Fixed null description in EXE to MSP
*^FIX: DISM checking in options
*^New silent install switches
*^New UpdateText Delegation
*^FIX: Fixed update checking
*^FIX: Updated Windows Hotfix Downloder name to WHDownloader
*^FIX: Added CBS.log and NPad2.cab to the cleanup exclusion list
*^FIX: Fixed an issue getting values in Alphawaves Downloader
*^FIX: Fixed many aggregation errors (list empty)
*^NEW: New DISM management
*^FIX: Other fixes from logs
*^FIX: Fixed DateTime parsing on Alphwaves Downloader
*^FIX: Fixed crash on Vista if DISM is not installed
*^FIX: Fixed right-click save in Component Remover when no items
*^FIX: Fixed potential error adding update on AIO Integrator
*^FIX: Hopefully fixed setting date error in Alphawaves Downloader


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this option doesn't work. I disabled this option, in AIO Integrator added only tweaks, but key and file WinToolkitRunOnce.exe was added

I've just handed in my report so I will be looking into this later on today.



Finally got my report in and I shall be release a test build after I've come back from food shopping. It mostly extended Windows 10 support until 2016 as WTK 2.0 is ready for it yet.

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I can confirm it, the experimental did NOT install any of my AddOn!

During integration they have been all marked as done (green); attached is my AddOn-list.


AddOn that should go into the Control Panel (Speccy and CPU-Z) aren't present at all;

AddOn that go under Start/Program are only there, if I try to start them the error is always "C:\Program Files\XYz\XYZ.exe path does not exist".




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CopyFolder now copy what inside the folder to destination, not the folder itself


ASP.NET contents are copied directly to Windows\inf, not the whole ASP.NET folder


CopyFile works as expected


i loved the detailed process percentage :')

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