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Windows 7 mainstream support ends, but don’t panic


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Already ??


Welcome, Windows 7 users, to the day you’ve been dreading: the end of mainstream support.
Starting Tuesday, Microsoft will stop pushing out new features, end free support and halt any update not related to security for its six-year-old operating system. That’s the bad news.
The good news: The 56% of desktop users still running Windows 7 can expect Microsoft’s “extended support” until 2020.
Microsoft’s slow and steady effort to stamp out Windows 7 in favor of Windows 8.1 is not new. The company ended consumer retail sales last November (no more Windows 7 boxes in stores), though it will continue to let computer manufacturers sell systems with Windows 7 pre-installed. In fact, the company promises to give at least a year’s notice before ending that program.
But eventually, the software giant will have to end that, too.
Windows 8.1, the radically redesigned operating systems is at a paltry 9% market rate, according to Net Market Share. That is more than than Apple's Mac desktop operating system (roughly 5%), it’s well below the 14-year-old Windows XP, which, incredibly, still holds 18% of the desktop market share.
Windows 8.1 has not been the success Microsoft hoped for, largely because Microsoft tried to force-feed the public a Start Menu-free interface (to be fair, the Windows Design – née “Metro” — screen was essentially an exploded version of the Start Menu). Microsoft has more or less admitted it made a mistake in killing the traditional Start menu; it reintroduces it with Windows 10, which is now in beta previews. When the OS ships, likely sometime later this year, it may help Microsoft finally turn the tide on XP and Windows 7.


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Well who needs Microsoft updates and support anyway...?=)

The security updates are mostly for activeX and Internet explorer which I don't use..

Google chrom does not play on my system either..I don't need google sniffing on me.

Google can rag your system too.!


Win 7 x64 runs like a race horse. After shrinking down, to 1.2 GB.


I can shredder/wipe and wipe with east tec...Browse with maxthon  on duckduck go. search engine.

Make snppits in Maxthon insert to evernote and stream movies on XBMC--now Kodi

as well make some downloads in between with Internet download manager, all running at the same time ..smooth...!! 

on a 2 GB Ram Pc with only 250W Power supply and an old Athlon 3500 x 64 processor overcklocked from 2.0 Ghz to 2.2 Ghz

(So I can play some games..a lot of games..actually, too). MMo's


Before tweaking win 7  I wanted to strangle Microsoft.  There updates never helped, only made things worse!.

That's when I stopped updating.. :doh: 


No Microsoft updates but tweaks and a cleaner as east-tec eraser, a good uninstaller a good  Antivirus software like Emisoft

(before I only used Emisoft Antimalware together with Online Armor) and Adware cleaner,bleach etc. keeps you healthy and fast running.


BTW use portable Apps...Maxthon Port..Firefox port..Opera Port..Evernote port,Gimp ..port, 7zip port..Skype port.. king soft office port...

Keepass port..Sublieme text port...

20 GB portables!! Everything portable !! These programs are much  faster..and cleaner.!!  :graduated:


And If you want no Antivirus and updates at all switch to Robo-linux; they clean out Win XP and 7 and run it under Linux

(My Pc has not have enough Horsepower otherwise I would have switched 2 years ago), which looks very cool and super fast too.

One time a small fee payment and a lifetime safe.


Even though I do  like windows 10 ,for some reason..but I can wait.muuuch longer before I get tired of win 7 x64 Ultimate.


Anyway thx Vigilant for the information ..but as you mentioned it's easier said than done..

Why would a Firm/ business suddenly change to 8. or win 10...because Microsoft say soo  :worthy:



As an IT told me, when I had my first computer...never change a running system!!    :lock:

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