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7 minutes ago, Legolash2o said:


Thiersee: When you upgraded the image, did you save and unmount first or did you keep it mounted and then upgraded? 'Known Issues' updates usually prevent all other updates after it from being integrated properly. Seems to be common with stack updates. I think from memory you should integrate those first > save & unmount > all other updates, tweaks, etc..


Of course I unmount the .wim!

On the first step I integrate only updates with the UL from @rhahgleuhargh: upgrading with WTK (montly RollUp renamed in IE11-xxxxxx and integrated after IE11) works perfectly, from upwards not.

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On 21.12.2016 at 11:15 PM, Legolash2o said:

xForce: on the 16th October post it seems like you was trying to integrate 32bit updates into an x64 OS.

Only My OS x64;

Working image x86 + x86 update OR Working image x64 + x64 update

Latest version have same error: Invalid architecture: 'D:\Hotfix32\windows6.1-kb3020369-x86.msu'


some people have too;



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I'm astonished now about that, what appened now with my integration under WTK I tried again to use this version to upgrade a .wim-image HomePremium ---> Professional and it's working!

I don't know, if & what I did others: only the update-list was this time different (patch-day 10-01, only KB3212646); I tried it last time in December after release and I couldn't upgrade the .wim (have a look at my post since october and WTK starting with

Anyway, I upgraded yesterday HP x86 & x64, German, x64 Italian to Professional without any issues; I used the UL from @rhahgleuhargh.

I would say "All's well that ends well" but I'll keep that thing under observation....

Regards, Thiersee

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Hello creator and users. As a contributor (small, but a couple of times) I would like to ask if this project still lives? No offense, but I think this is a valid question!

Hope to hear a big Yes and see a plan for the future development.

Regards, Sweden

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