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WinToolkit v2.x Development


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I've decided to experiment with having some sort of development cycle. This will give me an aim to do for the day and let you know what to expect at each nightly build.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • New Features

The focus of these releases will be to add as many features as possible for you guys to test.



Wednesday and Saturday

  • Enhancements

These releases will take feedback and put them into practice. This includes bug fixes and improving upon existing features, or just improving some code.




  • Translation

The en-US template will be updated so any new features will be translatable.


Note: I'm tempted to move translations to the 'Enhancement' days.

  • Automated Testing

The goal of this task is to add more automated testing. I will be just sat at my desk thinking of tests so no new features will be added.

  • Documentation

Comments within the code will be updated which makes things easier in the long run. Also the WTK 2.x documentation will be updated if required.


Yes there is documentation for WTK 2.x, currently standing at 15,000+ words (60 pages). :P


Any questions?

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I've been coding today. Been trying to fix a weird issue with WIM Manager. :P


UPDATE: Managed to fix that. Just trying to fix the crashing with the ISO Maker and it's being a big pain in the ***! If anyone knows any alternatives to IMAPIv2 for creating ISOs then please let me know. If you know of one which also burns ISOs, even better! :P

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