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[Closed] XPtsp General discusions


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thanks amnesia

2 mona

so, do U like it so far? maybe U wanna learn how to do it and help me out making better resources?

(IconWorkshop, Paint.net)

don't U feel artistic-creative yet? oh, come on now, it's easier then U think :) it should be easy for U, cause U're

very detail oriented... and U have cute-demanding accent, almost french ;)

2 All

mona should be nominated "miss XPtsp". don't U think?

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Yes I like Learinig but its difficult :sweatingbullets: and i not access to IconWorkshop but i think beter is reporthing file :type: for update XpTSP

yes Is a difficultly and youre artistic-creative and is for me difficultly

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New Year is a time for celebration of love, of life, of Friendship.

It's the time to thank God for wonderful friends, and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours... So here's celebrating our Friendship and praying that its magic continues forever. Happy New Year! :beerchug: :welcome:

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i install but uninstall in not possible now :help:

after installing i choose not to reboot and installation started again.

and this doesnot disable WFP (Windows File Protection) dues to this my explorer is not patched properly..and hey this even transformed IE8 B2 which i was using & now it is corrupted...

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pri2sh: I'm aware of the fact that WFP isn't disabled during the replacement process. I haven't been able to find a way to disable it temporarily until today, and I'm not sure how to implement it. I've asked for assistance on the AutoIt forum and should be able to do so shortly.

Regarding the uninstaller, I stated on the web site that the uninstaller doesn't seem to work right. I'm not really sure what to recommend other than using a virtual machine to test the GUI in regards to the Live Patching code.

Edited by dougiefresh
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I just perused the batch file. It looks like it is extremely redundant. It would probably be easier if you just used the Call commands as pseudo-functions. Example snip-it below:

Call :MeatAndPotatoes msobmain dll MSOBMAIN DL_ 45
Call :MeatAndPotatoes msoeres dll MSOERES DL_
Call :MeatAndPotatoes msoobe exe MSOOBE EX_
Call :MeatAndPotatoes mspaint exe MSPAINT EX_

Set name=%~1
Set ext=%~2
Set big=%~3
Set com=%~4
If NOT [%~5]==[] Title XPtsp script Progress %~5%%%...
If NOT Exist "i386\%big%.%com%" Set com=%ext%
If NOT Exist "i386\%big%.%com%" Goto :EOF
%xp% "i386\%big%.%com%" "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" >nul
If Exist "i386\%name%.%ext%" Del "i386\%name%.%ext%" >nul
%rh% %ao% "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%", "%res%\%name%.%ext%.res",,,&Echo patching %name%.%ext%
%pe% -c %tmp%\%name%.%ext% >nul
Set com=%~4
%cab% /D CompressionType=LZX /D CompressionMemory=21 "%tmp%\%name%.%ext%" "i386\%big%.%com%" >nul
Goto :EOF

The "Goto :EOF" will not cause the batch file to close. "MeatAndPotatoes" is instantiated as though it were a separate file all together (but it's not). This can also be helpful if you want to keep log files of what your batch file is doing. Syntax is precisely the same way that you would send STDOUT to any other file ... like so:

Call :MeatAndPotatoes msobmain dll MSOBMAIN DL_ 45>>LogFileForLogging.log
Call :MeatAndPotatoes msoeres dll MSOERES DL_>>LogFileForLogging.log

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ok guys ive ben sick for like 1 week now and its not going better,gonna have to see a doctor.plus school re started and ive missed some classes,not to mention the internship.im really considering abandoning this project. :(

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Thanks but still the same issue.

here is what I get


and I need that setup.exe tries to launch XPpro\\i386\\WINNT32.exe instead of i386\\WINNT32.exe

Please try to make it like the one in the pack with Autoplay folder which contains setup.cdd. You can also give me the source and I'll try to make it how I need it. Which way is easy for U.

Thanks for your time

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I integrate XPtsp v1.2 Batch & v1.1 GUI & VISO Live 2.7 and test it to vmware I check some flaws and this is what I saw on my device manager.

anyone encounter this problem?


need help about this...


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Still same prob.. the regular XPtsp works fine (well I got an advanced inf error blabla but that's not this pack doing it)

But when I try the blue patch.. right at the start of the driverpacks-setup it says setup can't find some dll

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